Overcoming Obesity

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mashed Potatoes and Cream Gravy...

Really sounds so good about right now, but no worries, I have not indulged. Today has been a good day. It's Friday night and man, wouldn't it be nice to go out to eat. I am not ready for that one yet. To avoid appetizers and all the good carbs you can find?!?!?! Not sure I could resist. A friend invited me to go out last night for dinner and drinks...I declined, I explained that I was working on eating healthier and not smoking (2 1/2 days down, heck yea!) and my friend, yes, I said my friend, says... girl don't worry, just bring a pack of cigarettes and you can eat what you want for one day. I was like, am I hearing this, my ears must be clogged.. but no, she said it again, don't worry, one day won't hurt. Something in me snapped, Of course one day matters, heck, on disastrous meal can ruin someone going strong... and then out of no where, the words out of my mouth "ACTUALLY, it does matter, it's time I put myself first and my health is more important than dinner and drinks!" WOW, I think I actually did it, I put my needs and wants in front of someone else. Has an alien taken over me, has my mind been warped???? No, I finally decided to make a change and I am sticking to it! After I did the little happy dance, I rewarded myself with a homemade vegetarian egg roll, I baked it instead of frying, it wasn't as good but it was still good.

Okay, I didn't post my calories yesterday... here are my stats for 01/07

Total Calories: 1129 cal
Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) Cals
41.86 120.76 85.27 1129

So far today, I am at 775... the night is young and it is Friday night, I am going to try to keep anything else consumed down to a bare minimum.


  1. good luck on your weight loss. i understand what you mean about not wanting to go out to eat. i got a trainer in november and I'm doing pretty good as long as I plan ahead and look over the menu before i go to the restaraunt im good. My calorie limit is 1500-1600 a day. I'm doing pretty good. I lost 2lbs before the holidays and I was able to keep it off during the holidays.

  2. Rai, congrats on your success especially over the holidays. What I am finding is planning ahead is key. If you go out unprepared, dangerous things can happen... LOL! Keep me posted on your success!

  3. i think you should be eating more calories , im sure your starving with only 1100 calories , cause your body is so use to the excessive amount you use to consume so i think you should up it a little bit.this web site i went to said this about how many calories you need

    you need 2684 calories to maintain your weight

    you need 1897.7 calories a day to get to your goal weigh slowly without exercise

    if you exercise for 30 min each day you can increase your calories to 2111.2 calories a day

    i think you should eat atleast 1500 calories a day
    good luck to you

  4. Thanks for your input. I have'nt set a calorie limit or anything, it just happens at the end of the day to total approx 1100 calories. I really don't feel hungry because I am eating healthy foods all day long. Every 1.5 to 2 hours I eat something. Thanks for checking the calories it takes for me to maintain my weight. I am going to start aiming to eat 1200-1500 calories.