Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Workout .... Yipee, I am still standing

Went to the gym, yehaw, I accomplished something towards being healthier today! It may seem small but since I have not seen the inside of a gym in over several years... this is an accomplishment. I went to Curves, I've been paying for that membership forever so it's time I make some use of it. To be honest, I wouln't feel comfortable at another gym. Curves works for me because #1: it's all women(and there not all Malibu Barbie, there is Grandma Barbie, Middle Age Barbie and Barbie after 6 kids and sitting on the couch for three years), #2: Total body workout in 30 short minutes.... need I say more? Nah, didn't think so.

So far today, I have had two poached eggs... not exactly delicious but it satisfied me. Of course, I added some salt, pepper and tabasco sauce. I need to start working on eliminating salt but that will have to wait for now. I can't change overnight but I will be aware.

Anyhow, I am feel rather good and I am going to have lunch with a friend. A dear friend of mine made homemade lasagna for me but understands I need to eat a salad so is going to take me out for salad. Bye Bye Bluecheese dressing, I will miss you dearly and hello vinagar!


  1. Totally agreed about the gym as far as the Barbies go course 24 hour fitness has really changed their marketing to include all types, shapes and sizes.

  2. My first comment.... YEA! Nina, thanks for your comment. I haven't been to a 24 hour fitness in years. I have lots of friends that swear by it. The last time I went, they wanted to put me on a two hour workout regiman 5 days a week. I was like, are you serious... I am like 250 pounds, there is no way I am going to work out for two hours strait. It just felt impossible for me. I am not knocking it, I know different strokes for differnt folks.

    Thanks for your support, come back soon!