Overcoming Obesity

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Project calling my name

This morning I had an itch to go to Home Depot. I have french doors that I wanted to cover the windows with decorative film. I head out the door around 8:15am. I make it to Home Depot in a matter of minutes, quickly greeted with smiles and warm faces. I find the decorative film and realize, I was not ready to make a decision, just so many choices. Being a penny pincher, I called Lowes to compare prices. Nine transfers and fifteen minutes later, I learn that Lowes has their decorative film priced cheaper. I quickly leave Home Depot and arrive at Lowes in a matter of minutes. As I walk into the store, there are plenty of employees but not one hello, how are you or even eye contact. Hmph, poor service, what a turn off. I decide it wouldn't stop me from getting the great deal I was quoted on the phone. Off to find the decorative film. I search and search and can't find it. Three employees later, I find the decorative film. WOW, the pricing is not what was quoted on the phone, it is much higher than what we discussed via phone. As I decide to head back to Home Depot, I decided to take a quick look in lawn and garden. Before you know it, I am leaving with pavers, sand, gloves and insect killer.

Okay, I did a complete 180 when it came to my project but I have really been wanting to do something in the front yard. When I got home, I unloaded my purchase, which I am proud to say that I loaded and unloaded by myself. I intended on taking before and after pics and well, I was so excited when I got home, I jumped right in and didn't get the before pic. I moved two large bushes, cleaned out weeds from my flower bed, filled a large hole (2ft deep, 3ft wide) with soil, dug out a small flower bed and grass area that I plan on paving. I also transfered grass from the area I dug onto the hole that I filled. I watered my bushes and also the transfered grass. I am so excited that I no longer have a huge hole in my front yard! Woo-Hoo! It looks so great, you can hardly even tell that it was a hole yesterday. I really hope my grass survives the transfer and roots well. Fingers crossed.

I am nearly finished digging out my area to be paved. Tomorrow, I hope to finish clearing my work area and level the ground. If all goes well, I will have it paved before end of day tomorrow! Woot-Woot! The area is about 4ft by 6'10" not huge but certainly big enough for my first project of this magnitude. I am going to have to make another trip tomorrow to pick up edging for the sand. I am excited to see how things turn out. Of course, I will post pics once I am done.

Disclaimer: I shoveled for 2 hours today and oh my goodness, momma is sore, S O R E, sore! I hope that I can move tomorrow, I worked in the yard for a total of 4 hours today and well, it was better than any gym workout that I have had in long time!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plateau or No Plateau

As some of you may know, I have been at a plateau the entire month of May. The number on the scale has just sat at 278 pounds. Overall, I have had a good month, yes there was the no working out for six days and of course the binge however, for the most part, I have been going strong. Riding my bicycle, going to Curves, Hiking every weekend, Kettlebell and even my new found bootcamp, which I am enjoying. Who doesn't enjoy a little torture every now and then?!?!

Monday I was scheduled for my weekly weigh in and wouldn't you know, TOM decided to join me Sunday, oh, the joys of womanhood. Despite his visit, I weighed in at 277 pounds. Yes a one pound loss. Okay, this isn't a huge breakthrough or a monumental loss, heck it could be a fluctuation in water weight or even the outfit I was wearing. None the less, it is a loss.

I have updated my tracker and hope to see a bigger number next week. I have also spent some time thinking about the things that I have can do differently. I realize I have become comfortable, maybe a little too confident.

I am not tracking what I eat like I had been, with that being said I really do not know what I am consuming everyday. I guess about 1500 calories but that's it... it is just a guess.

No more guess work, I am back to tracking everything . I eat it, I track it. Also, while my exercise activity has changed like night and day, basically a complete 180, from nil to daily... I have been more sedentary as of late. Other than my basic household chores, cooking and cleaning, my workout is the only time I have been up and active. I am spending a lot of time online looking for work and in the evenings watching TV.

While I can't say that I have busted threw my plateau and I can say that I am committed to tracking what I eat and also being more active in my day to day activities. To putting my health first! I am gonna do this!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

52 things I appreciate

Since January 2010, I have lost 52 pounds. Some people would say, wow, that's great! What are you doing? Your looking good kid! Your really doing it! I'd smile, thank them and maybe even feel a little fuzzy on the inside. It would only take a moment for my mind to start playing tricks on me. You see, the scale hasn't moved in 3 weeks. My weight has not crawled up or down. It is just there, sitting at 278 pounds. I guess you could say that I have hit a plateau.

Tomorrow, I have my weekly weigh in. Of course, there is a possibility that the scale could continue to sit at 278 pounds. I could easily become discouraged. But you know what? I am not going to play into that mental mind game. Instead, I am going to focus on 52 things that I appreciate.

52. Nature Centers
51. Hiking Trails
50. Sunrise
49. Sunsets
48. Lakes
47. Waterfalls
46. Bike Trails
45. Bicycles
44. Weekend Getaways
43. Roadtrips
42. Maps
41. Birds
40. Flowers
39. Trees
38. Camping
37. Tying my own shoes
36. Painting my own toenails
35. Afternoon Naps
34. Long Walks
33. Pony tail holders
32. Music
31. Dancing
30. Zumba
29. Curves
28. Skinny Cow Desserts
27. BBQ Grills
26. Water
25. Swimming Pools
24. Sunblock
23. Lunch with friends
22. A good book
21. A nice bottle of wine
20. Pedicures
19. Body Massages
18. Pets
17. Coffee in the afternoon
16. Kisses
15. Hugs
14. Spark
13. Spark Buddies
12. Walk away the Pounds
11. Hungry Girl
10. Movies
9. Laughs
8. Hope
7. Faith
6. Love
5. Joy
4. Friends
3. Family
2. My Son
1. God

I am still going, I am moving, working out, eating healthy and enjoying myself. So I am not discouraged, I am not going to beat myself up and I WILL NOT QUIT!