Overcoming Obesity

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Destination Travel Routes

Vacation, weekend getaways, a little R&R, visiting family, business, just because, frequent flyer miles, camping, and the girls getaway is just a few of the many reasons we travel.

First you pick your destination and you consider your travel options: airlines, road trip, train, bus or possibly even a boat, it just depends on the traveler. Everyone has there favorite way of traveling, personally, I enjoy road trips. I love riding down the road, with a map (no GPS for me folks) and someone I love beside me. The memories you share, the laughs, the games you play, the little stops along the way just make it so much more enjoyable. I don't now, there's just nothing better than someone I care about in the passenger seat and an open highway... you never know what to expect.

So let's say, you decide to take that road trip. You obviously know where your going, you pick your travel route, pack your bags, load up the car, grab your camera, fill up on gas and hit the road. You've brought along plenty of music and you might have even packed food and drinks for the trip.

You start off excited, you have a plan, your ready for fun and you finally get to the highway. Once you get on and you set your cruise control. The Speed Limit is 65 but your set at 70. As you drive along, visit with your company, sing along to the music, laugh at jokes and enjoy the scenery you might hit a road bump or a detour. Sometimes you have to pull over and stop unexpectedly.

As I think about that, I realize my journey to overcome obesity is exactly that, a road trip. I want to get from "here" 330 Pounds to "there" 135 Pounds. No matter what road I travel, my desitnation is 135 pounds.

So I am cruising down the highway at 70 MPH and then I notice that traffic is at a dead stand still 25 yards ahead... I have to stop. Eventually, the traffic will begin to move and if it doesn't, I would never just sit in the middle of the freeway perpetually, I'd find a new route, take the next exit, stop and get a fresh breath or air.

Just like the road trip, if you hit a detour along your destination to be healthy, you find another route. Your not completely derailed, your just simply stalled for a moment. And think about it, some of life's best memories are discovered on a detour.

So the next time you feel like you have no hope, or you think, wow, it was so easy to fall back into old habits, what is the point, but I have so much more to lose... I just can't, this seems impossible... STOP, erase those thoughts. Pull over, take the next exit and look for a new route. Revamp what your doing, come up with a new plan, one thing we know for sure, you can not just sit in the middle of the road, at some point, you have to make your way back home.

My point is, don't ever give up. Your worth it, you ventured away from home, your comfort zone, your trying new things and things get tough. Sometimes we can't see what is on the horizon beyond the hill or the mountain in front of us, but as we take one step at a time to get to the top we will get there. It may take longer than expected but at some point, you will reach your destination. Along the way, you will discover just how amazing you are.

As many of you know, last week was a low for me. I didn't work out for six days and I even binged. I was afraid of how easy it was to stop exercising and how quickly I ordered that pizza and ate fried fish, but you know what.... it was just as easy to get up and walk 3.5 miles on Saturday. Just putting on my workout gear on made me a little giddy inside, I was excited to get out and move. On Sunday, I enjoyed canoeing for an hour followed by a 2.5 mile hike. On Monday, I went to the gym and rode my bike for 3 miles. Tuesday, I rode 5.25 miles on bike and worked out at the gym. It was great! My body enjoyed it. So just as easy as it was to fall off track, it was just as easy to jump back on track. My trip is not over, I am still on my journey and headed towards my destination.

I exited the highway for a moment but I am on a new route. Cruise control set, back on the open road!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Motivation Board

As I am working on taking things back to the basics, I decided to take advantage of my Friday night insomnia and I made my motivation board. It is something I have been intending to do for months and finally sat down and did it.

After completing it, I felt great! Not only did it look incredible, I really was able to put my creative side to use and felt so inspired. Everything that I placed on my board had meaning. With every cut, paste and stroke of my paint brush... I felt stronger. It helped me realize, I have come a long way and have so many great things to look forward to. I have a deep desire to take control of health for so many reasons and I was able to express it all on my motivation board.

I went through about 12 magazines and clipped pictures that jumped out at me, some I knew I would use and others, I thought, hmmm, I might use that. It captures my goals completely....

Does that look good or what?!?!?! LOL! Not to toot my own horn or anything but TOOT-TOOT! LOL! Let's take a closer look and I can explain what it all means to me...

The red dress signifies a strong and confident woman who loves all of her curves, the tape measure around the waist represents being my own biggest loser. Obviously, heart health means just that, having a strong healthy heart that is free of disease. Get Smart is actually written in various vegetables, so this is about choosing the foods that are healthy and are fuel for my body. Health is about overall health, underneath health it says: smart ways to live well, strategies for eating right and easy fitness plans. Happy is about enjoying life and being so happy that everyone notices and I shine, Cardio is about doing exercise to help keep my heart healthy and strong, Love healthy suppers is making healthy food choices every night and Body Love is about accepting every nook and cranny, every dimple, every scar; every mole; any imperfection that I create in my own head... being so comfortable in my own skin and appreciating the body the good Lord gave me.

Taking a closer look on the left

the top picture is a woman working out on the Curves circuit, this is important to me because not only is it a great workout that combines cardio and strength training, it keeps me sane and I burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes... awesome! The next image is people standing in different positions to say "Never Stop Moving" I love this!!! I never want to take my health and legs for granted ever again, I want to move, dance, jump, hike, do cartwheels, stand on my hands, run; dive anytime, anyplace. I don't want my size or achy body to hold me back EVER again! There is also a picture of a beach, this is about traveling and seeing the world, my size held me back for so long and I don't want to live like that anymore. No more fear of seat belts on planes, fitting in roller coaster rides or worrying what someone will think of the large woman wearing a bathing suit walking on the shoreline or jumping in the pool. Below that the caption says, "Lose it and Keep it Off," which needs no explanation. The picture of a woman walking with a heart sunrise behind her is about being active, parking a little further than usual, taking the stairs, enjoying a nice walk or hike to keep my heart strong and healthy. Then, there is the bombshell in the denim outfit! Absolutely simple outfit but sexy as all get out, who knew that a pair of jeans and a denim shirt could look so good? Please understand that I don't expect to be that size but this picture is about being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself. It is about being a strong, confident woman who loves her curves and loves being a woman, not arrogant or concieded, just the perfect balance of being comfortable with yourself and appreciating all the hard work you have put into your body.

Moving over to the right...

Family in bold letters is on the very top, next to my health, that is my number one priority. In smaller letters underneath Health it says "Building a Healthier Home" that is about having a healthy home mentally and physically, teaching my son how to respect and love himself, others and life. It also is about teaching my son to have a healthy relationship with food and understand the importance of nutrition. There is a grey circle, that is similar to a snow flake that says the"Great Outdoors" this goes back to being active and enjoying the outdoors during all seasons, even when it is cold or rainy outside. There is a picture of an ashtray and it says BUTT-OUT, this of course is about being a non-smoker, not only for myself but to be a positive role model for my son. How can I ask him not to smoke as I light up a cigarette? The money is about saving, that is so important to me that I have two Geico Money bundles, I hope to save a lot of money! There is a pink tape measure shaped as a heart, this symbolizes love, heart health and cancer awareness. On the far right, there is a archway covered in greenery, flowers and has a bird resting on the top, this represents my desire to have a beautiful yard that is my haven, a retreat, and backyard get away. Last but not least, there is a plant growing from soil, this is about planting beautiful flowers and growing a garden for my family... our very own fruit and vegetables to enjoy. What a great way to save money, exercise and eat healthy... what more can you ask for?

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results and I proudly put it on display on my large dresser in my bedroom. I love to look at it. It is the first thing I see when I wake up, I see it when I walk in my room and it will also be the last thing that I look at before closing my eyes each night to go to sleep. What a great way to help me focus and reflect.