Overcoming Obesity

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where has time gone

On 08/05 I flew to Denver for work. In between working 10-12 hour days and fitting in some incredible sight seeing, I was glad to head back home last Wednesday. Of course, I worked from 7am to 6pm, jumped on an eight o'clock flight and made it home around 11:30. Even though I was exhausted when I arrived home, a second wind kicked in and I didn't wind down and go to bed until 1am. I worked on Thursday and Friday.

I washed laundry, did yard work and tried to get things in order. My son (love ya honey) finally came home from summer vacation (he has been gone for about 7 weeks, yikes) on Saturday. When he got home off to the streets we went. School shopping for high school. Oh my goodness, how surreal.

We got home late on Saturday, I cooked dinner and we hung out. This morning, I got up and finished packing my bags and headed back to Denver. It was hard to say goodbye and he wasn't ready to repack his bags either, but we do what we have to do.

I am going to be in Denver for two weeks this stay... I had hoped to download my pics from the Botanic Gardens and also from the Rockies but I never found the time. I am really hoping this trip I am able to rent a bike and ride a few trails and I also hope to make it up to Pikes Peak.

I have to admit, that all the locals say that Pikes Peak is overrated, but being a tourist, I just can't resist :)

I weighed when I arrived home last week and well, I gained two pounds. TOM was here but I also know I was eating much heavier than I usually do because I was out of town. I will continue my workouts but will work on ordering healthier food this trip. I was only 12 pounds away from 75 pounds lost and now, I am 14 pounds away. All is not lost, I will continue on, I just need to refocus.

When my son and I were out shopping, he said: Mom, you've lost more weight, your stomach has gone down. It felt great to hear that. It made me feel proud. I told him I have lost nearly 65 pounds and he just smiled. He asked how much more do you want to lose? I said about 135 more pounds... and he smiled and said, your gonna do it Mom, your already 1/3 there. What a smile it left on my face.

Dedication and Determination, it will happen!