Overcoming Obesity

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheat Days

Taco Bell Taco Salad with Salsa = 830 Calories, 459 Fat Cal
Taco Bell Beef Burrito Supreme = 469 Calories, 180 Fat Cal

McDonald's Fish Sandwich = 470 Calories, 234 Fat Cal
McDonald's French Fries (Medium) = 370 Calories, 170 Fat Cal
McDonald's Baked Apple Pie = 249 Calories, 109 Fat Cal

Wendy's Baconator Burger = 830 Calories, 51 grams of Fat
Wendy's Baked Potato (Bacon & Cheese) = 580 Calories, 198 Fat Cal

Burger King Whopper with Cheese = 790 Calories, 436 Fat Cal
Burger King Onion Rings (small) = 176 Calories, 78 Fat Cal
Burger King Dutch Apple Pie = 340 Calories, 126 Fat Cal

Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich = 410 Calories, 144 Fat Cal
Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries (small) = 270 Calories, 117 Fat Cal

Long John Silver Battered Fish (1 piece) = 230 Calories, 117 Fat Cal
Long John Silver Hush Puppy (1) = 60 Calories, 27 Fat Cal

Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza (1 Slice) = 305 Calories, 121 Fat Cal
Pizza Hut Hot Buffalo Wings (no sauce, 4 wings) = 210 Calories, 108 Fat Cal

Dairy Queen Banana Split = 510 Calories, 108 Fat Cal
Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard (small) = 675 Calories, 230 Fat Cal

Krispy Kreme Honey Bun = 410 Calories, 216 Fat Cal

Snickers Candy Bar = 271 Calories, 122 Fat Cal
KitKat Candy Bar = 286 Calories, 138 Fat Cal

Stephanie = 314 Pounds, BMI 56.58, Bust 55in, Waist 58.5in, Abdomen 64in, Hips 65in, Thighs 34in, Arms, 17in

That burger, fried fish, french fries, pizza, wings, ice cream or candy is not even worth it. Every bite into something fried and greasy is one bite closer to heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and a long line of other medical conditions.

Eating Healthy = Long Life full of opportunities and food to use as fuel, to hell with fast food and grease!

Exercise = Stress relief, years added onto your life, helps shape and tone your body, Hello Gym and goodbye Flab!

Tonight, I thought about it, I almost compromised, Fridays can be my cheat day. A Cheat day... am I kidding myself?!?!? The reality is, when your making life changes, there is not a "cheat day". Of course, if I have a weak moment, I pick myself up and keep moving but there is no way to negotiate my health for another minute for "cheat day" all that would mean is "hello old habits" and let me tell you, that routine hasn't worked yet!

I am so glad I finally have the power to Take Control of my Life! I deserve it and I love that I can do this!

To my Health!

(Nutritional Data found at http://www.nutritiondata.com)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Delicious Low Cal Ham Omelet - 177 Calories

Okay, get ready to enjoy the breakfast of champions! This mouth watering omelet explodes in your mouth and will give your morning breakfast an exciting change. This omelet is very filling and simple as 1, 2, 3. Not to mention, it is only 177 Calories, 6.62g Fat, 10.38g Carbs and 17.81g Protein.

Grocery List:
Medium Egg
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh 98% Fat Free Smoked Ham (Water Added/Shaved)
Kroger Recipe Beginnings 3 Pepper & Onion Blend (Onion&Bell Pepper Mix, frozen veg)
Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese
Skim Milk
Green Onion
Salt & Pepper to taste
Non-Stick Cooking Spray

One Omelet:
Spray Non Stick Skillet with Fat Free Non-Stick Cooking Spray, place on medium heat.
Place 3/4 cup of 3 Pepper & Onion Blend in skillet, cook until almost done
Dice 6 Slices of Ham and add to skillet with bell pepper and onions, heat thoroughly. Place ham, bell pepper and onions in a bowl. Add 1 tbls of Cream Cheese, mix until cream cheese covers completely.

Wipe Non Stick Skillet down, spray with Fat Free Non-Stick Cooking spray, place on medium heat.

In small bowl, crack one medium egg, add 2 tbls skim milk, add kosher salt & course black pepper (to taste) and beat well. Pour egg mixture into skillet, let cook on one side and flip over (feel free to use a spatula to avoid a ceiling disaster). Now top with ham, bell pepper and onion mixture. Fold omelet in half, slide onto plate.

Dice green onion, place 1 tbls green onion on top of omelet. Enjoy!

My nephew said it tasted like a cream cheese and ham explosion, the kids loved it and so did I. I felt like I was having a "normal" breakfast that wasn't just another low cal "good-girl" meal! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was a GREAT day! I just feel clear and energized. It is a really incredible feeling. Between not smoking and eating better, I actually believe the fog is clearing in my head. I never realized it was there but ever day I feel like there are the toxins that are slowing leaving my body.

I have been considering doing a body cleanse, any thoughts or suggestions?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Motivation List - Keep me going

1) Live Longer
2) Learn to love my body
3) Teaching my children how to enjoy healthy foods
4) Tie my shoes without gasping for air
5) Wear jeans without displaying a spare tire at all times
6) Shop on any clothing rack (except plus size)
7) Feel better physically
8) Walk up a flight of stairs, heck run if I want to
9) Run a Marathon
10) Take a Spin Class without swallowing the seat
11) No achy joints from extra weight
12) My hand waves before my underarm
13) Bungee Jump
14) Full Body Shot Pictures
15) Picture from ANY angle
16) Fly on a plane and not need a seat belt extender (fitting in a seat is good too)
17) Horseback riding
18) Shorts
19) Go on a cruise with my girlfriends... better yet, the beach!
20) Sit in any seat
21) Halter Tops
22) Fit in tight places
23) SEXY Black Dress
24) Triathlon
25) Take my Life Back
26) Outside will shine like my inside (let the world see what underneath the fluff)
27) Skiing
28) Belly Dancing
29) Hula Hoop
30) Sense of pride, accomplishment, self-worth, love - Just for ME by ME!!!

Things to keep me going on my journey!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 results

Okay folks, the results are in! I am down to 317 pounds and have not smoked in 21 days. Can I get a Woot Woot! Woot Woot!

All though last week was a challenge for me and I wasn't perfect over a few days, I am still moving forward. Pushing myself through the journey.

I have meet several interesting people on a website I am using, Sparkpeople.com... just let me say WOW. If your looking for inspiration or support, you can find it there. I haven't been using the website to track my calories but I am using it to network, read articles related to healthy, losing weight, challenges, recipes, ect. It is a great tool and I am going to start using more of it. If you haven't heard of it, check it out.

Yesterday the boys and I had a picnic at the park, we walked 1 1/4 miles, threw the football around for about half an hour and did some exercises on the exercise station at the park. I am SORE today! Oh man, I never knew that balance beams, parallel bars and stair stepping could hurt so bad... even the kids are sore. I have to admit, we didn't stretch after our workout last night and we won't make that mistake again. Using the exercise station was a lot of fun. I couldn't use most of the equipment there but I do hope to be able to walk across the parallel bars by summer. I was surprised I still had the balance to use the balance beams but I did, ye haw! The boys jumped back and forth over them but I was unable to, they encouraged me to do step up and down on it like a stair stepper... OUCH... I didn't think I could do it but they kept cheering me on and got me up to 30. I was really proud of myself, so were they. My goal is to be able to jump on the balance beam by summer as well. We are going to start going to the park three times a week to walk and use the exercise station. It was honestly a lot of fun to hang out with them, it didn't really feel like exercise (except for the balance beam). Oh, they also had this 7ft tall ladder thing, you go up one side and down the other... I did it! There was a brief minute getting up towards the top that I wasn't sure I would make it up and over, but I did :)

I am still coughing and have congestion in my chest. I'm not running fever anymore but my throat is sore. I hope to start feeling 100% soon, I don't like being sick, it makes me not want to work out or cook, I just want to stay in bed. I didn't though, I got my workout in at Curves and we had Taco Salads for dinner. The taco salad was great! I baked 100% whole wheat card balanced tortillas in the oven until crispy, two cups of salad, 1 cup extra lean ground turkey with fajita seasoning, sauteed bell peppers and onions, 2 tbls sour cream, 2 tbls salsa.... delicious! It was only 364 calories with 5.87 grams of fat.

This week I am going to focus on writing my blog, keeping up with my food journal, drinking plenty of water and getting to bed by 10pm. I read something yesterday that said without getting enough sleep, your body can actually begin to store more fat and slow down your metabolism, the same effect of not eating enough calories everyday. It blew my mind. I tend to get a second wend around 10:30 and if I am not in bed with the lights out... its possible for me to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning, getting only about 3-4 hours of sleep. Can we say: Not good?!?!

Anyhow, I am going to do a little happy dance tonight to celebrate my accomplishments and hit the sack early.

As always, one meal at a time, one day at a time!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few things I have learned

Since the Explosion, I have been walking the line of self-destruction. I wouldn't say that I caved but this weekend I will admit I have been very careless.

Friday after my post, I did get in a great workout (yippee) and had Subway for lunch (veggie delight, no cheese, extra vinegar, yum yum) was doing good. I had plans with friends on Friday night and was going out. I ordered the boys pizza and began to get ready. My baby sitting plans feel through so I winded up staying home. I ate two pieces of pizza. I was still under my 1200 caloric intake for the day... thank goodness. I winded up staying up until 5am because I was on a Matrix Marathon. During the Marathon, I finally went to the kitchen and got some chips ( I ate about 20 chips with salsa and sour cream (the real McCoy, no FF sour cream this time).

On Saturday, I decided not to work out, I went to a movie and ordered a small popcorn and a small Mr Pibb. I ate about half the popcorn, I am thinking I took in about 620 calories. That's half my intake for the day on no nutritional value at all. Uh Oh. We ran errands, went to my nephews basketball game. I took another walk on the wild side and bought Burgers and Fries for dinner (no sodas this time) I had a Sonic Burger (650 calories) and a medium fry (330 calories) oh my goodness, my dinner was 980 calories, 460 fat calories! Yikes!

I also have really really REALLY wanted a cigarette, I have been contemplating buying a pack since last Thursday. I keep thinking to myself, just one, it won't hurt, over and over I thought it. I talked myself down, I want to be healthy. You would be throwing out over two weeks of non-smoking, its not healthy... I turned off the after school special playing in my head and chewed some sugar free gum. When I was leaving the movies Saturday afternoon, I stopped at a store, when I was in the store I was overwhelmed with a disgusting odor, a walking ashtray coming my way. There was this woman, it smelled like it was coming out of her pores. It smelled so terrible. I was so glad I didn't smoke. Of course, I didn't pull out my picket sign and run up and down the sidewalk proclaiming how much cigarette smoke stinks, I will never be that non-smoker. Even if it does smell, I was that smell and everyone has their own choice to make.

So what I learned:

2) Portion Control - Pizza, Burgers, Popcorn at the movies are not going away, if you indulge, write it down, consider the rest of your daily meals and increase physical activity to feel better about it. Listen and feel how the food makes your body feel (the pizza and popcorn, made me BLOATED.. didn't feel great)
4) BLOGGING is critical for me, it makes me accountable
5) Don't beat yourself up and keep going, it is not over when you eat something that isn't healthy
6) I AM NOT ON A DIET, I am making life changes to get healthier.

I weighed in this morning at 319 pounds. As I look at this month so far, I still have accomplished a lot. I have exercised at the gym 10 times this month, lost 11 pounds and haven't smoked in 20 days, woo-hoo! It may not be perfect, I am struggling with making the right choice but I am doing something. This didn't happen overnight and I won't be cured of this addiction, obsession this obstacle overnight.

One meal at a time, one day at a time!