Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Motivation List - Keep me going

1) Live Longer
2) Learn to love my body
3) Teaching my children how to enjoy healthy foods
4) Tie my shoes without gasping for air
5) Wear jeans without displaying a spare tire at all times
6) Shop on any clothing rack (except plus size)
7) Feel better physically
8) Walk up a flight of stairs, heck run if I want to
9) Run a Marathon
10) Take a Spin Class without swallowing the seat
11) No achy joints from extra weight
12) My hand waves before my underarm
13) Bungee Jump
14) Full Body Shot Pictures
15) Picture from ANY angle
16) Fly on a plane and not need a seat belt extender (fitting in a seat is good too)
17) Horseback riding
18) Shorts
19) Go on a cruise with my girlfriends... better yet, the beach!
20) Sit in any seat
21) Halter Tops
22) Fit in tight places
23) SEXY Black Dress
24) Triathlon
25) Take my Life Back
26) Outside will shine like my inside (let the world see what underneath the fluff)
27) Skiing
28) Belly Dancing
29) Hula Hoop
30) Sense of pride, accomplishment, self-worth, love - Just for ME by ME!!!

Things to keep me going on my journey!


  1. Stay strong! You have lots of great reasons to...and most of all for YOU! Who doesn't love the feeling when we overcome our cravings and weaknesses, ONE choice at a time we can realize our dreams!!! Keep your spark alive!!

  2. Nice list - I have a version of the little black dress too.. :)