Overcoming Obesity

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was a GREAT day! I just feel clear and energized. It is a really incredible feeling. Between not smoking and eating better, I actually believe the fog is clearing in my head. I never realized it was there but ever day I feel like there are the toxins that are slowing leaving my body.

I have been considering doing a body cleanse, any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. Hi! I found you through one of your comments on a SparkPeople blog and wanted to come over, so to speak! Looks like you have gotten off to a great start! I love how you did the taco salads! I am going to have to write that down for when I am craving Mexican! :)

    As far as the body cleanse goes, I think if you are eating healthy enough and getting plenty of water then it really isn't necessary. You have to be careful with those products and really look at the ingredient list though if you feel like you need to do that.

    Good luck! I'm rooting for you! Maybe I will see you around SparkPeople!

  2. Hey Girl! I really hope we can be Spark Buddies because we have ALOT in common!

    Already, your sparkpage and blog is sooo encouraging to me.

    In terms of a "cleanse", I hear mixed things. On one hand I hear we have tons of toxins floating in our body (which totally makes sense considering the damage via smoking and fast food that I have done) and its a good thing to do a cleanse......... then the other hand I hear that biologically the liver and kidneys are supposed to filter any toxins that come in!

    I agree with Terrie, if you are drinking tons of water, and not smoking anymore, and not putting any of the "bad stuff" in.... your body is going to heal itself....

    However, I do drink an organic liver detox tea twice a day. It's supposed to "help" the liver by reducing inflamation of the liver as it does it's natural detoxing....

    who knows if it actually works, but it tastes great and is a very calming thing for me to do.

    I feel I have so much more to ask you!

    Have an awesome day, I know you will!!!!!

  3. oh yeah, I am clovemexico from sparkpeople

    Caren <3

  4. Yea, Caren! It is so nice to put a name to a Spark Page, LOL! Of course, we can be Spark Buddies, no doubt! It makes our journey so much easier when someone can relate to us. I am so glad you read my blog and to know your here to support me. The good news, neither one of us are alone in this.

    Cheers to our health, we can do this!