Overcoming Obesity

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where out thou straps?

Fanny Pack
Fanny Pack
Fanny Pack
Where out thou straps

I want to take you off
and trust me you'd be tossed

The bulge in my belly
look'n like a pouch
got even bigger
from sitting on the couch

I'm finally up and moving
exercising round town
for some strange reason
I can't put you down

I've considered cutting you off
atleast a hundred times
you've grown so attached
where are those straps?

I guess it is possible
I ate too many treats
I'd like to return you
Where is my receipt?

is that what they say?
I am here to tell you
Your CAN'T stay

Attached to my gut
lookin like a butt
You really gotta go
I'm the boss of this show

~ 330 Pound Woman

I have to admit, this poem was inspired by Teeny Bikini's blog: Dear Water Weight. I read it this morning and laughed. As I wrote a comment on her blog: "Love your honesty and perspective! What about the poem titled: Apron oh Apron, where out thou strings? LOL, I just can't get this stomach apron off... geez, I wish it came with a receipt but it seems to be non-refundable! Ugh!"

At that moment, I realized that I'd be writing my own blog and before I knew it, the apron was Fanny Pack which seems so much more appropriate!

I have lost 50 pounds, year to date, and yes, my pouch has gotten a little smaller but it is still there. A time or two, I considered doing my own tummy tuck, I thought if I did it in the hospital parking lot, I'd be close enough they could save me... Of course, it was just a small thought, I didn't actually go out and buy any medical supplies or anything. LOL!

The other day when my son and I were out walking, he said "Mom, I just realized your gonna be short and skinny" Of course, my response "Opposed to short and fat?" We both laughed, and he said, it was just gonna be different because I will be so tiny. He then says "Well, I hope you don't have all that extra skin!" Wow, that was a surprise, a 13 year old thinking about extra skin. I explained that I will probably have extra skin because I was so overweight but not to worry, I will tuck it in my pants. For the mean time son, just let me get to the extra skin and I will deal with that then.

So, I realize, even once I lose weight that fanny pack might still be hanging around (literally)... before, I couldn't deal with that, today I can. When I began this journey, it was about being healthy and well... a little extra skin never hurt anyone. Seriously, we've all heard the stories how the pocket protector saved someones life, so you never know, the extra skin may just come in handy one day! LOL!

What I have come to realize is that loving yourself includes loving your body. I accept my body, I see it changing and that pleases me. It will never be perfect but it is mine, the body that the Lord blessed me with. I am so greatful that it is healthy and capable of so many things.

With that being said, I will continue to workout and strength train to help tone my body as much as possible. I can already see a difference in my thighs, my love handles and my bum... but my arms, oh man... they need some work!

Recently, another SPARK Member told me about Kettlebell exercises. After doing a little research and taking a trip to Walmart, I am know a Kettlebell owner! Let me just say, "WOW, what a work out!" If anything can help me tone and shrink, it will be my new found ruler, King Kettlebell.

I purchased it on Monday, and have worked out with it twice, today will be the third time. I am sore in my arms, upper thighs, glutes, hamstrings, obliques... oh yea baby, that is what I am talking about! I just might find those straps after all!

Monday, April 26, 2010

No matter how you look at it...

Chinese: 五

Dutch: Vijftig

French: Cinquante

German: Fünfzig

Filipino: Limampu

Indonesian: Limapuluh

Irish: Caoga

Italian: Cinquanta

Japanese: 五十

Korean: 오십

Norwegian: Femti

Portuguese: Cinqüenta

Spanish: Cincuenta

Swahili: Hamsini

Swedish: Femtio

Turkish: Elli

Vietnamese: Năm mươi

English: Fifty

No matter what language, Fifty is Fifty and today my friends, I can say that I have lost FIFTY POUNDS! WOO-HOO! This monumental loss actually happened last Friday :) I went out of town over the weekend and wanted to make sure I didn't gain any of the weight back before the big debut! This morning, I am still FIFTY POUNDS DOWN! OH YEA BABY!

I have never lost anything remotely close to 50 pounds, well 35 but come one, 50 pounds is actually a small bale of hay or 200 Sticks of butter! OH My Gosh! Yea that's right, 200 sticks of butter baby, oh man! Another way of looking at it is an Elephant's Heart, a Chihuahua and a Guinea Pig! What? Yea that's me, dropping butter, animals and all kinds of stuff! Especially, low self esteem, it is headed out of the window! I don't constantly find myself needing to explain my 'fatness' to the world, I am an athlete now!

On my way home from out of town, I stopped at an outlet mall. Normally, I could have gotten in some serious retail fitness but I went to one store and one store only. I walked strait into Addidas and bought some new workout gear. It didn't matter to me if my outfit fit or not, I was going home with a new outfit that I was going to wear it in the near future. I picked up two pair of workout pants and two tanks with built in bras. I grabbed the largest sizes, XXL and headed to the register. Not only did I get a great deal ($43), I really couldn't wait to get home and try them on (big girl workout gear is not easy to come by). And you know, as soon as I got home, I tried them on, oh my goodnees, they fit, perfectly! I was so excited I just couldn't wait to workout!

This morning, I headed to the gym. I didn't ride my bike because I knew, I'd be weighing in as soon as I got there. I step on the scale and WHAT... 50 pounds gone for good! My workout was incredible, I broke a great sweat! I just couldn't shake the idea of finding out exactly what Fifty pounds looked like off of my body. Where can I find fifty pounds of something? Hmmm.... off to Walmart I go.

I found fifty pounds allright, right there in the dog food aisle! Boy that is one big bag of food! I pick it up, WOWZERS, 50 Pounds is A LOT of weight! I see an innocent shopper; of course, I stopped her. I had to get a picture of what fifty pounds really looked like, a reminder of what would never be again! I picked up that 50 pounds and throw it over my head like nothing, yea that's right! Oh man, I am so glad that I am not carrying that around anymore!

Bye Bye 50 Pounds, all though we have been friends for many many years, I will not miss you at all!