Overcoming Obesity

Friday, March 5, 2010

Something to Ponder

I have seen a lot of Trainer James in recent weeks on several SPARK pages, tonight I decided to check out his page, loved it. Great Motivator and he will make you think (check out his page, if your not on sparkpeople.com, you should be). I read his blog of the day: Obesity VS Food Plan and it really got me to think.

I do agree being obese keeps many of us on the sidelines of life, were waiting to lose weight before we begin our journey... some of us lose 10 years, other a few months and some don't lose any at all. Some people continue to live life to the fullest even at any weight, I just came across a Spark Page today of a beautiful woman, Anume2010 and she travels the world, hikes in rain forest, enjoys cruises, swims at the beach... things I have fantasized about doing of course, when I finally lost weight. Giving my props to Anume2010 for living life and being a beautiful shinning person!

Trainer James mentioned the importance of keeping a Food Journal which I completely agree with this! I was honestly mortified when I came to realize that some days, actually several days a week, I actually consumed 5000+ calories a day. No wonder I gained weight in morph speeds, I was literally eating myself away.

I personally don't believe anyone wants to be obese, some say they like it but in reality, being 330 pounds just a few months ago, being morbidly obese, I know how much weight hurts our bodies, there is nothing fun about it. For years I fantasized about finally losing the weight, what life would be like. Everything would be different, my career, my love life, I would be a better parent, I would take trips, I would dance, I would take pictures again, people would love me, I would love myself. But just like Trainer James said, the diet pills just masked my food addiction. The latest fad pill or combination of three super foods would help me lose 5-10 pounds, if that, and before you knew it, there I was in the drive-thru for Mickey Dee's, nothing changed. I was looking for a quick fix and there is not a quick fix to this problem. There is something deep that turns you to food instead of dealing with an issue at hand. Not all of us are emotional eaters, but many of us used food to deal with life. Why? Why do we do it?

Each person might have a different answer, some might not even know why they can't commit to improving their life, but there is something, a wall, an emotion, an event that is preventing them from moving forward, whether or not that person does not believe in themself or has just has lost all hope because it seems utterly impossible, how can we help that person?

It is time to do some soul searching, we have to identify the issue so we can finally face the battle once and for all.

I know it's Friday night and this blog is a little heavy but this week a friend of mine gave me some information that I just can't shake.

7 out of 8 people told that they must lose weight to prevent death DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT! Only 1 person will actually do something to save their own life.

So the real question is, (even if it is not a life or death situation) what is preventing you from losing weight?

***Just a side note, no matter where you are in your journey to becoming a healthier person, you are not alone, it is possible, you are stronger than you could ever imagine, I know you are. On January 1st 2010, if someone told me that on March 5th 2010 that I would be 38 pounds lighter, that I could walk 3 miles, ride a bike for 2 miles, complete an hour Cardio Dance Class and that I wouldn't have smoked in over 8 weeks... I would have laughed to myself, even though I wanted it, I didn't believe in myself, but now I do. I can thank all of my blog followers and SPARK for such motivation, inspiration and the knowledge that has kept me going.

In the past, FEAR of FAILURE kept me lurking in the shadows of life as an obese person, I had given up all hope. I am so glad I can see clearly now, it is possible. I read this on SPARK and want to share it with you:

Weight Loss isn't just about choosing to eat right & exercise. Many times, it is also about having the self-worth to make a change and believing that you deserve to do something positive for yourself!

Every Person is worthy of love, respect and self-care, maintaining a healthy weight is part of that.

But again, I challenge you: What is or has prevented you from losing weight?


What has given you the strength to overcome this obstacle once and for all?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


A friend of mine invited me to her gym, she is a fitness animal, treadmill for an hour, kickboxing, dance, weights.. you name it, she's got it. She is even a Sauna/Steam Room Warrior. Traditional gyms have never done anything for me, I just have always been so uncomfortable and overwhelmed there... this is probably why I am a Curves Fanatic. Total body workout, cardio and strength, in 30 minutes.. seriously, you can burn up to 500 Calories in 30 minutes, who would ask for more?

But anyhow, I decided to take her up on her offer, after all, she is the person who motivated me to finally do something about my weight, THANK GOODNESS FOR MOTIVATION! Our plans were to meet at her house at 9am. I decided to hit the Curves Circuit before meeting her, just to be sure I got in my workout... a girls got goals to meet! After my workout, I am about to head to her house and I receive a text from her, she had a few errands to run and was running late. I am pumped and ready to go, so I decided to go ahead and get my bike ride in... off to the park I go. 20 minutes later, I am done with my 2 mile ride, doing a little victory dance because I am feeling good, I am really enjoying the bike... I might like this more than walking. I put up my bike, get in a good stretch and check my phone, no messages, well why not... I have 500 miles to walk this year, I could a mile?!?!?

I hit the pavement and off I go. As my walk comes to an end, my legs are feeling like rubber bands, after stretching they felt stronger and I hoped they might be able to get me back to my car, they made it, whew! I get the text, she is on her way home... Oh man, I am POOPED, I just worked out like a mad woman... but I promised.

I wasn't sure my legs would make it from my car to her front door, I said a little prayer, don't fail me now legs, I was surprised, they were a little tight but overall, feeling pretty strong, and once again, they made it, I was at the door! THANK GOODNESS FOR STRENGTH! Okay, I can do this! Off to the gym we go!

As we pull into the parking lot, I realize, this gym is HUGE! There is no way 3 months ago that I would have ever dreamed going into a gym full of beautifully sculpted people, but the difference now, I know how strong I am, I also realize, to become healthy, I need to work out and frankly, they are not gonna stare at me, I am the last thing on their mind, they are there to get their Fit (the world doesn't revolve around me, all the time, LOL)!

We head into the gym, legs still standing and moving on command, very good sign.... as we walk in, I realize, its even BIGGER on the inside! WOW - ENORMOUS, this gym is gigantic, oh my, what do I do? Are there even instruction manuals for all of these machines? After pulling myself together, I decided to jump on the only machine that I knew I could use... the Elliptical. Before you knew it, I had worked out about 42 minutes and went a little over 3 miles! I was beginning to think my friend was the next Jillian Michaels, pushing me to work harder than humanly possible and then I heard my friend calling my name, she took mercy on me and rescued me, THANK GOODNESS FOR GREAT FRIENDS who will cut their workout short for a friend in need!

I am feeling good but I just wasn't sure I would be able to pick my feet off the ground once I stepped off the elliptical. I slowly put one foot to the floor and then the other, I stand there for a moment, please work, please work! Whew... they did, THANK GOODNESS FOR COORDINATION! The rubber bands were back, but one after the other, they kept walking! I put in another good stretch and they are feeling a little stronger, I won't have to be wheeled outta there after all!

After our workout, we relaxed in the Sauna, it was like going to Phoenix on the hottest day in the summer, it had to be 190 degrees in there and it was just dry as can be, I was sure I had a nose bleed but then realized it was just sweat pouring off of my face. Man, I sure hope this finally gets all the smoking for years crud out of my lungs for once and for all! Is that a nose bleed? Oh no, just sweat, do I have anything left to sweat? I had a little pep talk in my head, you can do this, just don't panic and then I realized, marking that wheel chair off the list was done in haste, the sauna is brutal! After a moment, I began to relax, oh, okay, this isn't so bad, I am actually able to breathe. I was actually beginning to enjoy it and then out of no where... PSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and steam galore, oh my, I am choking, no no, I am not, just breathe, slowly, in through the nose (OUCH, it hurts) out through the mouth, wait is my nose bleeding again, no, no it's still just sweat. Oh man, that's it, I just can't do it anymore, I stayed as long as I could. THANK GOODNESS FOR TRUE FRIENDS, she was such a trooper and cut her sauna time short, this is saying a LOT for the Sauna Queen. After a good hot shower, she treated me to lunch, Subway! THANK GOODNESS FOR GREAT FRIENDS AND SUBWAY!

After I got home, I rested and cooked dinner. My legs were cooperating completely but were very tight. I asked my so to karate chop my legs after dinner and he said yes, THANK GOODNESS FOR SONS. I then soaked in a nice hot bath, my legs were thankful. THANK GOODNESS FOR HOT BATHS! THANK GOODNESS FOR LEGS AND NEWLY FOUND CALVES!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look Mom - CALVES!

I wake up this morning somewhat in a frump. I was tired, pooped, exhausted, dead dog tired,so ready to take a nap. I stayed up a little late last night watching a movie. I really need to add "GET MORE SLEEP" to my goals, seriously! But that isn't what that is about. Instead of going back to bed, I played around on the computer, watched the morning news and had my high protein breakfast hoping it would pick up my energy level. I did a little SPARKING in hopes to get the desire to get up and get moving. I pretty much decided I would wait until this afternoon to hit the gym.

I was just about to head to bed and my phone rings. It is my girlfriend from Curves, she wanted to know if I would like to go walk with her and her daughter. I felt like that was a sign, I should get up and get moving. I decided that I'd take my bike along, maybe after our walk, I would ride one mile.

My friend and I walk, I am so proud of her, she is working out at Curves 4-5 days a week and she rocks that circuit 4 times. She is doing great! She walks a little slower than me, but it doesn't matter, every step counts and I am so glad to be there for her like she is for me. I enjoy the company and we finish our mile.

As they pull out of the parking lot, I pull out my bike. I jump on and start my ride... wow, I finished a mile, I did have a burn, but suddenly, I had this burst of energy, I felt like I could just go and go and go. I decide to ride 1.5 miles and before you know it, I am almost through with my mile and a half, my thighs were burning. I could hear my son in my head cheering me on "Come on Mom, you can do this, I know you can, your almost there, keep it up!" So I push myself harder and there it is, I completed two miles! I felt like I could go another mile but I didn't want to kill my legs, I knew I needed to hit the gym.

When I was done, I stretched, oh my legs, felt like rubber bands, wobbly rubber bands but they kept working, after stretching, they felt strong. I jump in the car and decided, lets take this to the gym! By the time I left the park I downed my 16 oz of water, I stopped at home and grabbed some more. Not even for a second was I tempted to miss the gym, I was pumped and ready to go!

I jammed on the way to the gym, keep that momentum going, increasing my energy with every beat. I quickly arrive, park and jump out of the car. I am walking up to the gym and as I am walking into the door, I notice something, I stop do a double take, standing with the door wide open.... and there it is.... OH MY GOSH, I HAVE CALVES! I flex a few times, check my other leg, there it is... ANOTHER CALF, WOW! A member in the gym looks up and says, yea... their there, I noticed your calves yesterday, they are looking good! "Are you serious," I ask and she said "I really did notice, your calves look great!"

At this point, I have a smile from ear to ear, I don't even know how long it has been since I have had Calves, at least 10 years if not longer. I couldn't wait to get home and get a picture, so here it is.... My BEAUTIFUL CALVES, currently under construction but chiseling away beautifully! I feel so proud!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 8 results - This is really happening!

WOW - February was a GREAT month! I entered Twoville, WOO-HOO! I successfully made it past a plateau, I didn't throw in the white flag and give up, I just kept going! I ate very healthy, Enjoyed cooking several new recipes, Began riding my bike (thighs are still burnin) and discovered that even through adversity, my emotions don't have to get the best of me. I can use exercise as a way to relieve stress and deal with my feelings. I gave not smoked in 7 weeks and 6 days, that's 55 days folks! I am truly becoming a healthier person!

BUST: 55.00"
WAIST: 58.50"
ABDOMEN: 64.00"
HIPS: 65.00"
THIGHS: 34.00"
ARMS: 17.00"
BMI: 56.58
Body Fat Percent: Not measurable (machine at gym only goes to 50%, I get an error msg)

BUST: 52.50" (-1.50")
WAIST: 52.50" (-6.00")
ABDOMEN: 62.00" (-2.00")
HIPS: 61.50" (-3.50")
THIGHS: 33.25" (-1.50")
ARMS: 18.25" (+2.50")
BMI: 53.95 (-2.64)
Body Fat Percent: Over 50% (machine at gym only goes to 50%, I get an error msg)

BUST: 52.50" (same)
WAIST: 50.00" (-2.50")
ABDOMEN: 59.50" (-2.50")
HIPS: 60.50" (-1.00")
THIGHS: 33.25" (same)
ARMS: 18.25" (-1.50")
BMI: 51.80 (-2.15)
Body Fat Percent: 50% (Finally Measurable, Woo-Hoo)

BMI LOST: 2.15
Body Fat Percent: 50% (Don't know what was lost, but I am measurable)

I am ECSTATIC, this is really happening! I remember fantasizing about losing weight and now, I am truly becoming a healthier person, everyday!

My Goals in February were:
1) Walk 40 miles (I walked 37.5 Miles, YTD: 47.5 Miles)
2) Lose 10 pounds (I lost 20)
3) Have fun in the kitchen cooking healthy: new recipes; healthy desserts (Check)
4) Work out at Curves at least 16 times (19 Times)

What I learned in February:
1) I am strong
2) I am enjoying exercise
3) Cycling is no joke
4) Food and Water is truly Fuel for the Body
5) The scale does not dictate my journey
6) Have fun with your workout, every step counts
7) Support goes such a long way

Goals for March:
1) Walk 40 miles
2) Cycle 15 miles
3) Work out at Curves at least 20 times (last month was 19)
4) Lose 10 pounds

For the first time in my life, I believe it is possible. I am really making healthy changes in my life. The other day, I took my son through a drive thru and ordered him a burger and fries, I didn't order a thing. I sat in that car and smelled the fried food and that juicy burger (I will admit, my taste buds were watering) and I didn't feel like I had to have one too. I was okay with waiting to get home so I could eat something healthy for my body. I did eat two french fries, it satisfied me and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Things are truly changing for the best inside of my body!

Another thing I am so excited about is that I finally found out my Body Fat Percentage, at the gym, the machine can only calculate Body Fat Percent up to 50%, in January and February, I received an error code, meaning I was over 50% body fat. Today, I was 50%, who ever thought I would celebrate being 50% FAT. Its somewhat funny and even a little ironic, but when I saw that 50%, what I really realized is that I have a 146 Pound Muscle Machine underneath all this fluff and I know, she is finally ready to reveal herself!

I am so excited to see what March brings! As always, I will take it "One Meal at a time, One Day at a Time!"