Overcoming Obesity

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's been too long

I think we can clearly see that my devotion to my health has tappered in the last quarter of the year. I began so strong, so fast and furious. Quiting smoking, exercising nearly everyday, eating healthy... losing inches and weight like there was no tomorrow.

That is what it was like when I wasnt' working. Now I am working, balancing a full time job, a child and my health has not been so easy. I have offically been working for nealy three months.

I am not working out any longer and I am no longer tracking my food. I have gained about 20 pounds and have gone up two sizes. It is so crazy how quickly you fall back into old ways.

The good news is that I am still in the positive. I have still lost 40 pounds for the year and I am coming up on one whole year of not smoking, woo-hoo!

I clearly have not overcome obesity or my addiction to food. I have alot of work to do. I am not giving in, I just need to find the time to dedicate to myself and simply... stop making excuses on why I can not do it!

My desire to be healthy is not gone. I am going to spend some time this weekend focusing on my needs and come up with a plan or small goals that I can accomplish to keep moving in the right direction. I will not continue to gain weight, I will not be the 330 pound woman again! I can do it, I will do it! The fight is not over!