Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


An eight letter word that we have used since elementary; possibly before then. When the word rolls off of your tongue, do you even think about it? It's an automatic word, not anything that requires a lot of thought, it is a word that has been etched in stone in our memory bank. Just another random word that we toss around on a regular basis.

Ask someone what strength means to them and trust me, you will get a different response from everyone. So I have to ask you, what exactly is strength?

Per the dictionary, strength is a noun with several definitions:

1. the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.
2. mental power, force, or vigor.
3. moral power, firmness, or courage.
4. power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.

That was just to name a few, there were actually 12 different definitions provided. Wow, this small word has so many meanings. As I sat there and gave it a little thought... something jumped out at me. Related Forms: SELF-STRENGTH.

WOW, that amazed me, how empowering. SELF-STRENGTH! Then as I read a little further, I saw it and my utmost attention was captured:

Strength, power, force, might suggest capacity to do something. Strength is inherent capacity to manifest energy, to endure, and to resist. Power is capacity to do work and to act. Force is the exercise of power: One has the power to do something. He exerts force when he does it. He has sufficient strength to complete it. Might is power or strength in a great or overwhelming degree: the might of an army.


And it hits me. As I have set out to overcome obesity, I have found my self-strength. The power to do something. I have manifested energy to endure and resist temptations (which of course, some temptations have gotten the best of me) but I continue to move forward which will give me the sufficient strength to complete my goal! Yes, little ol me is full of self-powering strength.

In finding my strength I have also built muscle. I am capable of doing things physically that I can not believe but mentally, I am concurring obstacles and discovering just how strong I really am.

I realize that my body feels so good. My body loves to exercise, it responds to activity. I find it hard to sit in a movie now, I get so bored, sitting there. I want to get up and dance, I want to run, I want to jump, I want to play! My body wants to be active.

Don't get me wrong, there are those days that I struggle. I don't feel like getting up and moving, but I find the strength and I do it. Afterwards, my body thanks me. My body celebrates by losing inches, taking form and new shape. Although I am still very large, I see things changing and it amazes me. I push myself to new limits everyday. Today, I was able to jump rope for 225 sets. I was in complete awe of this accomplishment. To some, my victories may be minor but to a woman who was 330 pounds and smoked a pack and half of cigarettes a day merely 4 months ago, my victories are triumphant!

While my journey is no where near complete, I am proud to say that I have the PHYSICAL and MENTAL STRENGTH that is required to make it to the finish line.

I will not put myself down, I will not wish to be a "thin" person, I will not allow someone to rob me of my victories for I have STRENGTH!

Have you discovered yours?

Monday, May 3, 2010

April results are in

BUST: 55.00"
WAIST: 58.50"
ABDOMEN: 64.00"
HIPS: 65.00"
THIGHS: 34.00"
ARMS: 17.00"
BMI: 56.58
Body Fat Percent: Not measurable (machine at gym only goes to 50%, I get an error msg)

BUST: 52.50" (-1.50")
WAIST: 52.50" (-6.00")
ABDOMEN: 62.00" (-2.00")
HIPS: 61.50" (-3.50")
THIGHS: 33.25" (-1.50")
ARMS: 18.25" (+2.50")
BMI: 53.95 (-2.64)
Body Fat Percent: Over 50% (machine at gym only goes to 50%, I get an error msg)

BUST: 52.50" (same)
WAIST: 50.00" (-2.50")
ABDOMEN: 59.50" (-2.50")
HIPS: 60.50" (-1.00")
THIGHS: 33.25" (same)
ARMS: 18.25" (-1.50")
BMI: 51.80 (-2.15)
Body Fat Percent: 50% (Finally Measurable, Woo-Hoo)

BUST: 51.50" (-1.00")
WAIST: 48.00" (-2.00")
ABDOMEN: 59.00" (-0.50")
HIPS: 58.50" (-2.00")
THIGHS: 33.25" (same)
ARMS: 16.50" (-1.75")
BMI: 50.80 (-1.00)
Body Fat Percent: 49.10% (-0.90%)

BUST: 51.50" (-0.00")
WAIST: 48.00" (-0.00")
ABDOMEN: 57.50" (-1.50")
HIPS: 57.50" (-1.00")
THIGHS: 33.00" (-0.50")
ARMS: 16.00" (-0.50")
BMI: 48.94 (-1.86)
Body Fat Percent: 48.30% (-0.80%)

Body Fat Percent: 1.70%

My APRIL Goals were:
1) Walk 30 miles .... Actually Walked 40.5
2) Cycle 20 miles.... Actually Biked 43.85
3) Work out at Curves at least 16 times ... Actually worked out 10 times
4) Lose 10 pounds ... Actually Lost 7 pounds (TOM is here)

May Goals:
1) Walk 30 miles
2) Cycle 30 miles
3) Kettlebell 5 days a week
4) Curves 16 times

Overall, April was a good month. The oral surgery slowed me down but kettlebell caught me up! Seriously, this is one great workout. I am very eager to see my inches lost in May. My goal is to do a kettlebell workout 5 days a week, so we should see inches just melt away, atleast I hope :) (very huge grin)!!!

So, Friday was my son's 14th birthday and some how or another, the celebration lasted all weekend! I must have eaten atleast half of the 1/4 sheet cake (oh my)! I paid for it on Sunday, we went on a 7 mile hike and it was brutal. It's amazing what sugar and fat does to the body. I must admit, in the past, this last weekend would have ruined me, one slip up, one mistake, it would be over. Now the new me, HA, just laughs, I am no where near doneso this journey continues. Yes, I did it, ate almost an entire cake by myself but I am not giving up. Was it compulsive, yes.... was it smart, no.... did it taste good, yes....was it good for me, no.... did it hurt my stomach, yes.... was it the end of my journey, NO!

So the celebration is over and thank goodness the cake is gone, it is time to get back on track. I could spend countless hours or days regretting what happened this weekend, but I will not spend another ounce of energy thinking about it. I will keep moving and keep going. Not only is it a new day, we are walking into a new month! What a perfect time to refocus and regroup. I am ready to push myself a little further and learn something new about me!

Here's to a healthy active May!

You know how snap happy I am, so here are a few pics from Sunday's hike