Overcoming Obesity

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feeling today is a great day for the outdoors!

It's gorgeous in Dallas today! The weather is perfect and the sun is out... I am feeling an outdoor adventure. Hiking or Biking... hmmmm???

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I don't even know where to begin. Clearly, I have not been committed to making my health a priority in the last 6 weeks. Somewhere between traveling for 5 weeks, coming home, accepting a FULL TIME JOB (YEA... I am no longer unemployed!), working 40-50+ hours a week, becoming a traveling taxi for a teen, catching up on chores at home, working on big projects and breathing... I have not gotten back into a routine of eating healthy or working out. I just can't seem to balance the tight rope... I want to do good, I say I am gonna do it but then there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to plan my meals, count calories or even to jump on my bike and ride.

Instead, I find myself day dreaming about losing weight... beating myself up because I have gained roughly 12 pounds of 62 pounds that I've lost. I am back in the hustle of bustle of everyday life and I finding that I have easily put myself on the back burner. I never intended for it to happen that way.

Even while traveling, I kept up my workouts... now, I was eating out every meal but I still worked out 5 days a week. I've been home since 9/4 and honestly, I have worked out only 3 or 4 times?!?!?! Not only have I not been working out, I am still grabbing food on the go, breakfast and lunch. Not only is it food on the go, it has turned into burgers, fries and greasy fried tacos.

I don't want to give in, I just have to find the balance. Most importantly, I need to stop beating myself and celebrate what I have still accomplished. I am still at 50 pounds lost and I have not smoked since 1/4/10 ... that is 9 months! WOW!

I want to thank everyone for encouraging and supporting me. Your feedback, comment and support means so much. I am going to take the challenge presented by many of you and prioritize my goals.

When I began my blog on Jan 1st 2010, my goal was to become healthy. I didn't have a plan however I committed to blogging. I haven't been blogging (partly because I am super duper busy ( I have traveled to 3 states this week, YIKES, while also trying to fit in my sons football game) and also because I don't want to acknowledge that I am not doing whats best for my health.

In the beginning, I committed to blogging about the good, the bad and the ugly... this just happens to be part of the ugly and I will begin to blog again on a daily basis... the good, the bad and the ugly... accountability!

One meal at a time, One day at a time. My journey continues...