Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look Mom - CALVES!

I wake up this morning somewhat in a frump. I was tired, pooped, exhausted, dead dog tired,so ready to take a nap. I stayed up a little late last night watching a movie. I really need to add "GET MORE SLEEP" to my goals, seriously! But that isn't what that is about. Instead of going back to bed, I played around on the computer, watched the morning news and had my high protein breakfast hoping it would pick up my energy level. I did a little SPARKING in hopes to get the desire to get up and get moving. I pretty much decided I would wait until this afternoon to hit the gym.

I was just about to head to bed and my phone rings. It is my girlfriend from Curves, she wanted to know if I would like to go walk with her and her daughter. I felt like that was a sign, I should get up and get moving. I decided that I'd take my bike along, maybe after our walk, I would ride one mile.

My friend and I walk, I am so proud of her, she is working out at Curves 4-5 days a week and she rocks that circuit 4 times. She is doing great! She walks a little slower than me, but it doesn't matter, every step counts and I am so glad to be there for her like she is for me. I enjoy the company and we finish our mile.

As they pull out of the parking lot, I pull out my bike. I jump on and start my ride... wow, I finished a mile, I did have a burn, but suddenly, I had this burst of energy, I felt like I could just go and go and go. I decide to ride 1.5 miles and before you know it, I am almost through with my mile and a half, my thighs were burning. I could hear my son in my head cheering me on "Come on Mom, you can do this, I know you can, your almost there, keep it up!" So I push myself harder and there it is, I completed two miles! I felt like I could go another mile but I didn't want to kill my legs, I knew I needed to hit the gym.

When I was done, I stretched, oh my legs, felt like rubber bands, wobbly rubber bands but they kept working, after stretching, they felt strong. I jump in the car and decided, lets take this to the gym! By the time I left the park I downed my 16 oz of water, I stopped at home and grabbed some more. Not even for a second was I tempted to miss the gym, I was pumped and ready to go!

I jammed on the way to the gym, keep that momentum going, increasing my energy with every beat. I quickly arrive, park and jump out of the car. I am walking up to the gym and as I am walking into the door, I notice something, I stop do a double take, standing with the door wide open.... and there it is.... OH MY GOSH, I HAVE CALVES! I flex a few times, check my other leg, there it is... ANOTHER CALF, WOW! A member in the gym looks up and says, yea... their there, I noticed your calves yesterday, they are looking good! "Are you serious," I ask and she said "I really did notice, your calves look great!"

At this point, I have a smile from ear to ear, I don't even know how long it has been since I have had Calves, at least 10 years if not longer. I couldn't wait to get home and get a picture, so here it is.... My BEAUTIFUL CALVES, currently under construction but chiseling away beautifully! I feel so proud!


  1. Look at those beautiful calves!!!!!

  2. There they are!!!! Yea! Congratulations!so cool..

  3. Those are smoking calves! You go girl! What a great turn of events for you today. You were up, moving and pushing yourself.

    Tomorrow is my first gym day. I am nervous about getting back on the elipical, but excited at the same time!

  4. What a great post!! Watching our bodies change and transform due to our hard work is so rewarding. Good for you for doing the walk, the 2 mi on the bike, AND the gym!!! That's the way to get it done!! :)

  5. Congratulations!!!
    Your timing on this is amazing--yesterday my husband informed me that my butt is shaped different now. lol! I will assume that is a good thing!
    Have a fabulous day!

  6. Wow, you're in a great frame of mind....exercising like a gym rat. Love the definition in the legs, btw!!

  7. they look AMAZING!! Way to go!!!!

  8. LOVED this post! I found you via SparkPeople and I just wanna jump up and down and cheer for you!

    Also -- on SP I've added as one of my personal goals to get to sleep at a decent time. I want to be able to tick off that goal. Failed again today but here's to tomorrow! :)

  9. Tara, Kellie & Mal - Thank you, your support pushes me everyday!

    Patty - Even if you can only do 10 minutes, tackle it girl, and before you know it, you will ROCK that elipitical and everyone in the gym will say "Look at her go!"

    Tammy - It was amazing discovering my calves, they have been MIA for so long! LOL

    Brandi - WOO-HOO to better Butts, WOO-HOO to great husbands for noticing! You go girl!

    Lindalou - Discovering new definition feels good, really good! It makes you feel stronger and like man, I have accomplished something!

    Big Thanks to each of you, I appreciate you so much! HUGS!

  10. Congrats! I think NSV (non-scale victories) are possibly even more rewarding than watching the scale drop. Be proud!!!

  11. You are so funny, and such an inspiration to me. Thanks.

  12. Mama W - NSV are great, and thanks for letting me in on the little secret, I've been dying to know what NSV means!

    Casey - Thank you for reading the blog, I am glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate your support!