Overcoming Obesity

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheat Days

Taco Bell Taco Salad with Salsa = 830 Calories, 459 Fat Cal
Taco Bell Beef Burrito Supreme = 469 Calories, 180 Fat Cal

McDonald's Fish Sandwich = 470 Calories, 234 Fat Cal
McDonald's French Fries (Medium) = 370 Calories, 170 Fat Cal
McDonald's Baked Apple Pie = 249 Calories, 109 Fat Cal

Wendy's Baconator Burger = 830 Calories, 51 grams of Fat
Wendy's Baked Potato (Bacon & Cheese) = 580 Calories, 198 Fat Cal

Burger King Whopper with Cheese = 790 Calories, 436 Fat Cal
Burger King Onion Rings (small) = 176 Calories, 78 Fat Cal
Burger King Dutch Apple Pie = 340 Calories, 126 Fat Cal

Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich = 410 Calories, 144 Fat Cal
Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries (small) = 270 Calories, 117 Fat Cal

Long John Silver Battered Fish (1 piece) = 230 Calories, 117 Fat Cal
Long John Silver Hush Puppy (1) = 60 Calories, 27 Fat Cal

Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza (1 Slice) = 305 Calories, 121 Fat Cal
Pizza Hut Hot Buffalo Wings (no sauce, 4 wings) = 210 Calories, 108 Fat Cal

Dairy Queen Banana Split = 510 Calories, 108 Fat Cal
Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard (small) = 675 Calories, 230 Fat Cal

Krispy Kreme Honey Bun = 410 Calories, 216 Fat Cal

Snickers Candy Bar = 271 Calories, 122 Fat Cal
KitKat Candy Bar = 286 Calories, 138 Fat Cal

Stephanie = 314 Pounds, BMI 56.58, Bust 55in, Waist 58.5in, Abdomen 64in, Hips 65in, Thighs 34in, Arms, 17in

That burger, fried fish, french fries, pizza, wings, ice cream or candy is not even worth it. Every bite into something fried and greasy is one bite closer to heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and a long line of other medical conditions.

Eating Healthy = Long Life full of opportunities and food to use as fuel, to hell with fast food and grease!

Exercise = Stress relief, years added onto your life, helps shape and tone your body, Hello Gym and goodbye Flab!

Tonight, I thought about it, I almost compromised, Fridays can be my cheat day. A Cheat day... am I kidding myself?!?!? The reality is, when your making life changes, there is not a "cheat day". Of course, if I have a weak moment, I pick myself up and keep moving but there is no way to negotiate my health for another minute for "cheat day" all that would mean is "hello old habits" and let me tell you, that routine hasn't worked yet!

I am so glad I finally have the power to Take Control of my Life! I deserve it and I love that I can do this!

To my Health!

(Nutritional Data found at http://www.nutritiondata.com)


  1. To your health!!!
    Good attitude!
    and dang, look at those calories!!! yuck!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly! It is crazy that sometimes we don't even know what we are putting in our mouths! If you add a soda to one of those fast food meals, it is easy to take in 1300-1700 calories in just one meal! That is my total calorie intake for one day now! I used to eat a fast food places almost everyday, for breakfast or lunch and sometimes dinner. Heck, I've eaten fast food for all three meals before (and that wasn't on a road trip)! I am so glad to see cleary now! (I can see clearly now the rain is gone... or in the case fast food... te he he)

  3. that's crazy! i try to stay away from the "cheat day" mentality....although sometimes, i do let myself go a little overboard. like, i'll be eating all "healthy" foods but end up eating more than i should.

    or, when i just can't resist, i stay with small amounts of the "bad food" (like getting a cheeseburger kids meal with apple fries and non-fat milk at BK (480 cal), or a chili cheese burrito add chicken, a side of rice, and either water or diet pepsi at taco bell (560 cal), or a couple of grilled honey mustard snack wraps at mcdonalds (260 cal each). the way my life is, it's really hard to just not eat out, and i find it a lot easier (and cheaper) to find meals that stay within a reasonable calorie range at fast food joints than at regular restaurants. whichever way you go, the key is to look at the nutrition info *before* you order or you'll probably be in for a big, nasty surprise. :)

    tortilla chips with fresh salsa is my big downfall at home...now that i know better than to buy oreos, anyway....

  4. Great idea on the kids menu. I am so new at eating better I haven't gotten it all down yet. I agree with you, it is so important to know the caloric intake of what you are eating before you eat it so there aren't any surprises. I went to Applebee's today, I had one of the 550 calories or less meals.

    I had the Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos - Marinated grilled chicken breast topped with toasted red peppers, Portobello mushrooms, Dijon sauce and aged cheddar cheese served with steamed herb potatoes and seasonal vegetables for approximately 450 calories. It was really good. It was nice to eat out.

    Chips and Salsa are my weakness, can completely relate! Mexican food, oh man.. I am working on alternative ways of cooking to make it healthier.

    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!

  5. You are right. There are no "cheat" days with a lifestyle change. It's important not to deprive yourself but to also make good healthy choices. You are so positive! I'll be following your progress. I added your blog to the inspirational blog list on my blog. I saw you on Sparkpeople too. Best of luck!

  6. I can't believe I made your inspirational blog list, that is so flattering. Even my 13 year old son thought that was cool. Thank you for believing in me and reading! Hugs!

  7. I decided not to take on the "cheat day" routine either. I like "Moderation, not deprivation" a lot better! If you want to eat out, with a little research you can and make a better choice for yourself! WTG!

  8. I dont have a cheat day. But I do vary my calories daily - but staying with in a certain range for the week. So, one day Ill have right at 1200 calories and the next day Ill have 1500. I try to average around 1300. I read doing it that way keeps your metab guessing, so you dont stall out. Its harder to hit a plateau that way. And that way - I feel like Im endulging but not realy am! :)

  9. Terrie, I was thrilled to find out I could eat at Applebee's, I am excited to learn about healthier meals at other restraunts as well.

    Lindsey, great idea. I kinda feel like I am at a plateau right now because I have only lost 2 pound so far this week. I am going to try and get my metabolism guessing!