Overcoming Obesity

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plateau or No Plateau

As some of you may know, I have been at a plateau the entire month of May. The number on the scale has just sat at 278 pounds. Overall, I have had a good month, yes there was the no working out for six days and of course the binge however, for the most part, I have been going strong. Riding my bicycle, going to Curves, Hiking every weekend, Kettlebell and even my new found bootcamp, which I am enjoying. Who doesn't enjoy a little torture every now and then?!?!

Monday I was scheduled for my weekly weigh in and wouldn't you know, TOM decided to join me Sunday, oh, the joys of womanhood. Despite his visit, I weighed in at 277 pounds. Yes a one pound loss. Okay, this isn't a huge breakthrough or a monumental loss, heck it could be a fluctuation in water weight or even the outfit I was wearing. None the less, it is a loss.

I have updated my tracker and hope to see a bigger number next week. I have also spent some time thinking about the things that I have can do differently. I realize I have become comfortable, maybe a little too confident.

I am not tracking what I eat like I had been, with that being said I really do not know what I am consuming everyday. I guess about 1500 calories but that's it... it is just a guess.

No more guess work, I am back to tracking everything . I eat it, I track it. Also, while my exercise activity has changed like night and day, basically a complete 180, from nil to daily... I have been more sedentary as of late. Other than my basic household chores, cooking and cleaning, my workout is the only time I have been up and active. I am spending a lot of time online looking for work and in the evenings watching TV.

While I can't say that I have busted threw my plateau and I can say that I am committed to tracking what I eat and also being more active in my day to day activities. To putting my health first! I am gonna do this!


  1. Great job! A loss is a loss no matter how big or small, you are still moving toward the goal!

  2. Hang in there! It's a loss, and you'll breakthrough that plateau soon enough.

    I just found your blog, I look forward to following your journey!

  3. Another pound down is ALWAYS something to celebrate!! :)

  4. You're in the Dallas area, right? I don't know which boot camp you've tried, but if you ever want to try Jay Johnson's at the American Airlines Center downtown on a M/W/F morning at 5:30, respond to this comment and I'll bring you as my buddy. Check it out online. Not sure if you could do that location or that early in the a.m., but figured I'd offer. My husband and I have gone for about 3 years and really like it. It's one hour, bring a mat, water and weights (people choose different levels per the abilities, I use 8s, my husb uses 10s, some people use 3s, doesn't matter).

  5. Legal Mommy & Tammy - Thanks for the support and encouragement!

    Anonymous - wow, thank you for the offer! I am stoked to give it a try. I am in week 2 or a 5 week boot camp right now, lets reconnect in 3 weeks and make it happen. 5:30am, really scares me but I will try it. I appreciate your offer and you thinking of me!

  6. June 18 is on my calendar to comment with details for you to meet me at camp on June 21! Until then, I'll make note of what letter parking lot we use, etc. -- helpful tips for you!