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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Project calling my name

This morning I had an itch to go to Home Depot. I have french doors that I wanted to cover the windows with decorative film. I head out the door around 8:15am. I make it to Home Depot in a matter of minutes, quickly greeted with smiles and warm faces. I find the decorative film and realize, I was not ready to make a decision, just so many choices. Being a penny pincher, I called Lowes to compare prices. Nine transfers and fifteen minutes later, I learn that Lowes has their decorative film priced cheaper. I quickly leave Home Depot and arrive at Lowes in a matter of minutes. As I walk into the store, there are plenty of employees but not one hello, how are you or even eye contact. Hmph, poor service, what a turn off. I decide it wouldn't stop me from getting the great deal I was quoted on the phone. Off to find the decorative film. I search and search and can't find it. Three employees later, I find the decorative film. WOW, the pricing is not what was quoted on the phone, it is much higher than what we discussed via phone. As I decide to head back to Home Depot, I decided to take a quick look in lawn and garden. Before you know it, I am leaving with pavers, sand, gloves and insect killer.

Okay, I did a complete 180 when it came to my project but I have really been wanting to do something in the front yard. When I got home, I unloaded my purchase, which I am proud to say that I loaded and unloaded by myself. I intended on taking before and after pics and well, I was so excited when I got home, I jumped right in and didn't get the before pic. I moved two large bushes, cleaned out weeds from my flower bed, filled a large hole (2ft deep, 3ft wide) with soil, dug out a small flower bed and grass area that I plan on paving. I also transfered grass from the area I dug onto the hole that I filled. I watered my bushes and also the transfered grass. I am so excited that I no longer have a huge hole in my front yard! Woo-Hoo! It looks so great, you can hardly even tell that it was a hole yesterday. I really hope my grass survives the transfer and roots well. Fingers crossed.

I am nearly finished digging out my area to be paved. Tomorrow, I hope to finish clearing my work area and level the ground. If all goes well, I will have it paved before end of day tomorrow! Woot-Woot! The area is about 4ft by 6'10" not huge but certainly big enough for my first project of this magnitude. I am going to have to make another trip tomorrow to pick up edging for the sand. I am excited to see how things turn out. Of course, I will post pics once I am done.

Disclaimer: I shoveled for 2 hours today and oh my goodness, momma is sore, S O R E, sore! I hope that I can move tomorrow, I worked in the yard for a total of 4 hours today and well, it was better than any gym workout that I have had in long time!

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