Overcoming Obesity

Sunday, May 23, 2010

52 things I appreciate

Since January 2010, I have lost 52 pounds. Some people would say, wow, that's great! What are you doing? Your looking good kid! Your really doing it! I'd smile, thank them and maybe even feel a little fuzzy on the inside. It would only take a moment for my mind to start playing tricks on me. You see, the scale hasn't moved in 3 weeks. My weight has not crawled up or down. It is just there, sitting at 278 pounds. I guess you could say that I have hit a plateau.

Tomorrow, I have my weekly weigh in. Of course, there is a possibility that the scale could continue to sit at 278 pounds. I could easily become discouraged. But you know what? I am not going to play into that mental mind game. Instead, I am going to focus on 52 things that I appreciate.

52. Nature Centers
51. Hiking Trails
50. Sunrise
49. Sunsets
48. Lakes
47. Waterfalls
46. Bike Trails
45. Bicycles
44. Weekend Getaways
43. Roadtrips
42. Maps
41. Birds
40. Flowers
39. Trees
38. Camping
37. Tying my own shoes
36. Painting my own toenails
35. Afternoon Naps
34. Long Walks
33. Pony tail holders
32. Music
31. Dancing
30. Zumba
29. Curves
28. Skinny Cow Desserts
27. BBQ Grills
26. Water
25. Swimming Pools
24. Sunblock
23. Lunch with friends
22. A good book
21. A nice bottle of wine
20. Pedicures
19. Body Massages
18. Pets
17. Coffee in the afternoon
16. Kisses
15. Hugs
14. Spark
13. Spark Buddies
12. Walk away the Pounds
11. Hungry Girl
10. Movies
9. Laughs
8. Hope
7. Faith
6. Love
5. Joy
4. Friends
3. Family
2. My Son
1. God

I am still going, I am moving, working out, eating healthy and enjoying myself. So I am not discouraged, I am not going to beat myself up and I WILL NOT QUIT!


  1. This is my first time reading your blog and I am so pumped because your number one...... is my number one!!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear about your weigh-in girl...you just hang in there. Plateaus suck but we all go through them and the key thing to remember is they are TEMPORARY!! So glad to hear you're still doing all the right things. You'll be sailing back down that scale soon! :)

  3. Gratz on the 52 lb loss! Thats wonderful!

    Best luck with the weigh in :)

  4. Just found your blog...lovin it! We're on a very similar journey and I'm excited to cross paths with someone who is a few steps ahead to look towards when things get harder. Good luck on your weigh in :) btw, I love your picture with the dog food at 50 lbs. I'm totally stealing that idea for my 25,50,75, etc.

  5. Midlife Swimmer - Thank you!

    Lindsey - Woo-Hoo! Go God, we love ya!

    Tammy & CJ - I had a 1 pounds loss, even with TOM in town!

    Laura - Glad you are enjoying my blog, support means the world to me! I look forward to seeing your dog food pictures!