Overcoming Obesity

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feeling great....

I am so excited to say that last night I did not get up and raid the fridge or have a single bite to eat. This is a milestone in itself! Honestly.

Today was a good day as well. Went to help a friend today and guess what, we both packed out lunches! We actually planned our meals in advance, it really does make a difference. When I got home and was alone, I started to feel bored and really wanted to start eating, so I had an orange. It curbed my appetite somewhat but I had a craving deep inside of me. I had a large glass of water and a low fat mozzarella string cheese. That helped. I did a few things around the house and decided I better hit the gym because that hunger was coming back. My workout was great. I started wearing a exercise belt, you know that makes your waist sweat... geez, that thing works!

I was doing a little research and set google as my home page, I was able to add some Apps that help me count calories, log exercise and set weight loss goals. It is really awesome, it helps put things into perspective. So today, the calorie counter says I only ate 871 calories which I know sounds like I have moved to the edge of anorexia. Well #1: not possible for me, #2: My goodness, I really ate a lot, it was just healthier foods. Check it out:

Total Calories: 871
Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) Cals
21.88 69.08 113.57 871

Breakfast: 78 calories
1 serving frozen strawberries
1/3 cup skim milk
1 serving stevia

Lunch: 261 calories
1 serving fat free zesty italian dressing
10 grapes , seedless grape
1/2 serving grilled chicken breast
2 cups salad
1 cup steamed shrimp

Dinner: 163 calories
6 spears Asparagus
1 serving chicken breast
2 servings parkay fat free spray
3 large steamed carrot

Snacks: 369 calories
2 servings mozzarella string cheese
3 servings mustard
2 servings/slices natures own whole wheat bread
10 medium shrimp
1 serving turkey meat

Water: 10 - 12oz glasses

So seriously, isn't that a lot of food? I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks. When you eat healthy, you can honestly eat so much more. When I was logging my food on my online food journal, I was adding the shrimp, which was steamed with lemon pepper and a dash of water... well that only equals 125 calories.... omg, 1 cup of Fried Shrimp was literally 316 calories. What a difference. It just opened my eyes and made me think about all of the junk I have abused my body with. My blood is probably half fat with the way I have eaten in the last several years. I won't cry over spilt milk but I will try to be more aware. I know I am only two days into doing well, but I like the way I feel right now, I'd like to bottle it up and put it on the shelf for the days that are more challenging than others... I have a very long road ahead of myself and know it will not be easy.


  1. Freaking awesome Stephanie!

  2. Thanks Hon! I didn't do so great last night but I am going to keep moving forward.

  3. That's WAY too little calories, which is why you're having a hard time taking and keeping it off. You should start by eating 2000cal a week for three months. Then take it down to 1500 cal for another three months, and then 1200-1500 until you get to your goal. It won't be super fast, but it will be healthy and last longer. Otherwise great job on learning about healthy food. I would also check out SkinnyTaste.com for some amazing recipes. Good luck girl, I'm rooting for you!