Overcoming Obesity

Monday, January 4, 2010

Please.... someone, wire my mouth shut!

So, after the two cinnamon rolls this morning, well, things went down hill from there. I had an interview this afternoon, 1PM (For those who don't know, I was laid off in November and have gained a little over 20 lbs since then) so I didnt eat lunch before my interview. The interview actually went well but my interviewee says... I dont want to give you false hopes, you have a great background but we need someone with mortgage experience. Of course, I did my best to sell myself at that point, you wont regret hiring me, I am a quick learner, very dedicated... yadi yadi yadi... of course it is all true but it felt like a break up before the first date. Anyhow, she did say she was impressed with my training and curriculum development background and would compare my skills with the other candidates.

So, the emotional eater that I am... I needed something to eat asap, and well, I was a little hungry since I hadnt had lunch. I ate two flautas, a few bites of refried beans, rice and about 10 chips. Trust, me I was withholding. So I said, okay, I wont eat anything else for the day. I will go home and go work out. After I got home, I laid down for half a moment and then the next thing you know, it was 7:00pm, Curves... closes at 7.... just great!

I check my cell phone and wow, I had 27 missed calls. Everyone called to find out about my interview. I work through the call backs...explaining my gentle break up and before you know it, I am upset and want to eat something asap. I tried to curb it with two huge glasses of water but that didnt do it... I wanted food. Before you know it, I was at the Taco Bell drive through. There was a red flag flashing through my brain that says just drive away, I ignore the warning sign. The red flag changes to a caution sign: at least order from the Fresco menu, lower fat, right??? After it was said and done, I had eaten a soft potatoe taco, fresco taco and triple layer nachos. I know, self destructive. Slap me now. Maybe... if you hit me hard enough, my jaw will break and I can finally have it wired shut!

Oh yes, it is true, I have actually checked into trying to get my mouth wired shut before. Always looking for another way out. Time to face the facts, you are what you eat... Tomorrow is another day.

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