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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is it possible...

That this girl is a cyclist? You better bet your butt I am! That's right, this girl loves her bike!

It's hard to imagine that I absolutely LOVE riding my bike and hitting the trails. Before buying my bike in late February, I hadn't rode a bike since I was... ummmm, let's see..... like EIGHT! Yea, eight years old. Well, I am not gonna just throw my age out there but come on people, that has been a while (LOL)!

In January, I made the decision that I wanted to try riding a bike. It seemed easy enough and well come on, everyone knows the saying: It's like riding a bike! So how hard could it be? Everyone remembers how to ride, oh yea, I can do this... I think, at least I can give it a try.

I began looking at stores and found a few that were a little over 100, being unemployed, I wanted to spend less than that. I checked online and found a bike for $96. SOLD to the lady in red, naturally, that was me and I purchased it. It was great because it was delivered to the store for free and they even assembled it for free.

The day I picked it up, I took one look at the seat and knew, I'd need something else. I grabbed the biggest, softest seat that I could find. Once again the store came to the rescue and put it on for me. I was excited and couldn't wait to get home and try it out.

As soon as I got home, I pull out my bike and hop on.... off I go. Oh man, this is rough, pedaling is hard... okay folk's, the saying is true, you do not forget how to ride a bike but let me be the first to say it was not as easy as 1... 2.... 3 and well, it is nothing like being eight years old again. No wheelies, no hands free, no racing... every bit of my concentration was focused on balancing, not losing control; of course pedaling was pretty important too.

Man that ride was tough, I honestly didn't think I could do it. I pushed myself and I was only able to do half a mile. With my son's encouragement, later that day I did another half mile totalling one mile on my first day. Biking was hard, and I was out of shape.

As much as I wanted to say forget that dang bike, I promised myself, I would try. I joined a group on spark which I need to walk/bike 500 miles in 2010 so that encouraged me to get up and get on that bike again and again... eventually, I was able to do one mile, then two and then three miles strait. I was thrilled when I pushed myself to 5 miles. For several weeks I have been consistently riding 5 miles several days a week. Occasionally I would push myself a little further and make it to 6.5 miles. Talk about being proud!!!

Well, today, I did something even more... I was able to ride 15 miles!!! Yes Fifteen miles and my highest speed today 21.7 MPH. Not only did it feel incredible, it made me realize how strong I am and how anything is possible if you try.

Four months ago, I had to fight with every piece of myself to complete half a mile and today, I accomplished 15 miles. So when I ask, is it possible that little ol' me is a cyclist... Oh yea, I am a cyclist!

For anyone out there thinking about riding a bike, don't be afraid, just try it. Not only does it get you up and moving, it get's you out of the house, there are some great trails just for biking and you can see some amazing scenery while you clear your head and build your muscles. If you think your too big, don't doubt yourself, there is a bike out there waiting for you. And don't forget the gel seat... your booty will love you forever!

Wanted to share a few pics, this is the gorgeous lake I rode today!!!

My bike (one day, I will get a nicer bike, but right now, I love this one, especially with my speedometer and odometer)

Yea, after 15 miles, I ROCK!!!


  1. that is SO great.

    love the pics as well.

    and yeah, I covet your bike :)


  2. Are you up for boot camp on Wed. 6/23 at the AAC at 5:30? And also, where did you get your bike? Richardson Bike Mart? That's the only store I know in the Dallas area but I'm sure there are others. I've been thinking about getting one for quite a while now. Can't wait to meet you, and I think you'll really like camp. It's always fun to try new workouts.

  3. Carina... this wednesday sounds good, I have to admit, I am nervous. What do I need to bring again and how can I reach you? Please email me @ 330poundwoman@gmail.com


  4. Just sent you an email! Let me know if you get it.