Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Every month I log my success, I usually do this the beginning of each month. Today is 6/15 and I had not posted my progress yet. Partly because I was avoiding it. I haven't lost much weight, okay there was the one pound but that is not exactly something to scream from the top of a mountain however it is a loss.

As I was reviewing my May goals and what I actually accomplished, I came to realize that my passion for my health is flickering... like a candle that is nearly burnt out, my flame has become weak. So what do I do? Throw in the towel, call it quits? Not hardly! It's time to recharge and revamp... I have come to far to turn back now.

I need to take it back to the basics. I know I said this a few weeks ago but since then I have had a cookie here, bought ground beef there, ate white bread at a party, had a handful of chips and then another... just plain comfortable and sure, I will have fries with that. The honeymoon phase is over, everyday it is slipping further and further away.

The reality is, I am tired of slacking; there is no more time for excuses, I am committed to my health and reaching my ultimate goal of overcoming obesity.

To putting on my shoes and getting back to the basics and back on TRACK!

T ime for my health and exercise everyday
R est at least 8 hours a night
A ccept my shortcomings and forgive myself
C elebrate my success
K eep record of daily calories and water intake


  1. I commend you for owning it. That's the first step. I also commend you for jumping back on the wagon. When I first started my journey back in July, I told myself "no cheating" at all until I reached a certain goal (which at the time was a 120 lb weight loss). Now, granted...I went with the South Beach diet, so there was no calorie counting with mine, so in quantity I am allowed more food than you, but it is still a pretty restrictive diet. I went to parties with my own food, custom ordered things at restaurants (made substitutions as necessary, had them leave off oil, butter, etc), prepared food for the holidays that was SB-friendly and made it to the 95 lb mark without cheating at all and then I got right back on it again (I was on vacation at an all inclusive resort). I know everyone says everything is okay in moderation, but sometimes I think moderation is just a gateway. Consider total removal of the gateway until it's all completely under control....it could mean 3 months...5 months...a year. For me, it was just about 10 months. This Sunday at Father's Day is going to be the first time I will participate in the family dessert...and just the smallest taste is all I will have. I have now lost 102.6 lbs. This is just a suggestion. I think you have done marvelously, by the way. Happy Journey!

  2. Maybe you can make it to boot camp at the AAC w/ me (and my hubby and about 60 other people) next week? Maybe Wed., 6/23, at 5:30 a.m.?

  3. Great post! I really like the "TRACK" thing at the bottom... gonna have to steal that one from ya!! I've been struggling too. Quitting smoking = binge eating. I havent lost anything this month, havent exercised since Easter... Ugh I am so upset with myself but I am in this blah mode and cant seem to climb out. Let's climb together... xoxo


  4. I'm still reading and keeping up with your journey, and I applaud you for your determination. I am nowhere near as far along as you in my weight loss journey (I rejoined Weight Watchers for the 3rd time 6 weeks ago), but I've dieted many, many times, and I remember well the end of the honeymoon period. The only advice I have at the moment is when you want some chips, fries, etc. - stop and be sure that you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want it. If you absolutely can't resist, then have a small portion and move on. When this happens to me, I often find that it is just an old habit (emotional eating) rearing its head. When I listen to my body and say to myself, "Are you sure you can't pass it up this time and eat something healthy instead? Are you even really hungry right now?" I often find that I can resist for the moment. I know that I won't be perfect all the time, but every time I can postpone that "cheat", I see it as a success. I try to save those cheat moments for the times when I ask myself that question and the answer is "no, must have it now!" This moments are becoming fewer and less frequent, but by telling myself I could have it if I just absolutely HAD to, it removes the pressure a bit.
    Please don't lose sight of the success you have had so far. You are doing great!

  5. You've been doing so great, I think I would be surprised if you never had a setback. I've been finding myself slacking as well. And although I'm still losing, I am trying to get myself back into the groove of things.