Overcoming Obesity

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Midnight Memories

Friday night around 11:15pm, my son and I had a sweet tooth! You know, one of those, "Ice Cream" would be really good about right now!

I explained to my very fit 14 year old that 11:15 at night is not the best time to indulge in hot fudge and ice cream. He then says, "if we ride our bikes and only get one scoop instead of two... it won't be so bad!" I realized that kid was onto something!

We jump on our bikes, ride to the ice cream store (which closes at 11:30pm) and made it just in time to order. Since they were closing, we sat outside in the parking lot and enjoyed our treats. We shared a few laughs and told a few stories and headed home. The weather was absolutely perfect, the moonlight was gorgeous and we had a nice little breeze.

On my ride home I felt peace and so much happiness. As we got home and I looked at my son opening up the garage door to put up our bikes, I realized... that is what memories are made of! Gotta love the summer!


  1. what a great impulse action. i'm glad you didn't put him off, he will remember that night many years from now with a smile. what a cool mom i have!

  2. heck, what is life without a treat now and again... sounds like you went about it the right way... cool that you are able to ride your bikes to the icecream place

  3. Now I'm kind of jealous. We've had rain here all week. I am, though, very happy that you and your son will have that memory. Besides, everyone should get a treat every now and then!