Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outdoor adventure and then some...

The third Sunday of every month there is a canoe feast at a Nature Center that I frequent. Last month was my first time to join in the festivities and I LOVED it! Naturally, after telling my girlfriends all about it, they wanted to try it out. We decided to to make it an all girls outing without the kids, which doesn't happen often. Counting down the days we realized that the third Sunday of June was actually Father's Day. Needless to say, we decided to reschedule the girls weekend for next month. A few of my friends were still able to go so we decided that we would canoe and hike a trail or two.

It was a blazing 101 Degree's so we brought tons of water, wore plenty of sunscreen and brought a few snacks. As we were putting on our vest, we quickly see a sign that makes us really questions the laws in Texas. Did you know that it is against the law to molest an Alligator, um yea... I guess I will mark that off my bucket list since it's illegal (are you kidding me, we need a law for this?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?!) So, just for your amusement:

After a good laugh, our adventure began...

After Canoeing, we hit the trails, breathtaking views. I love the way the light hits this tree and the forest.

After taking in some beautiful scenery we quickly meet the stairs to hell! Talk about a killer cardio work out!


Four and half hours later, we were all beat. On my ride home, I noticed my tooth began to bother me. When I got home, I took some Advil and hopped in the shower. I headed over to my parents house to spend some time with my Dad. During our visit, my tooth started to throb. By midnight, my jaw had began to swell. This morning, it was huge and I was in major pain. It's hard to imagine that just only a few hours before I was out with my friends having a good time enjoying the great outdoors. Fortunatly, I was able to have emergency oral surgery... not exactly fun but my mouth will be healthier once I heal.

I do have a few sutures so I am resting per the Dr's orders. I might try to take a little stroll around the block tomorrow.

You know how snap happy I am, so here is my golf ball jaw. Pre-Surgery Pics:

Update: Lots of tenderness that should go away over the next few days. I am still very swollen, dozing in and out of sleep but feeling much much better. The great news is that I wont have to worry about that side of my mouth anymore. I do have additional dental work that needs to be done but honestly, I am 50% there. I am getting closer to a perfectly healthy mouth! Yippee!


  1. The outdoor adventure looked like fun!! You burned some serious calories girl!!

  2. Don't take this the wrong way but I didn't even recognize you in the jaw pictures your face is SO thin, you look absolutely amazing and I bet you feel wonderful (minus) tooth incident of course

  3. Your poor tooth! Ouch!

    About the alligator rules: some people like to poke them with sticks or see how close they can get to them or throw rocks at them. I've seen one kid spitting on one to get the gator to move. It's sad, really.

    So which park is that? It looks beautiful. I always love going to different parks and hiking and paddling.

    Your face really does look thin. You're shrinking!

  4. Fun times, sorry to hear about your tooth. i hope you feel better soon

  5. I'm envious of your sun! We've had one sunny day where the temp got over 80 degrees in the last month and a half. We can't sunbathe at the beach or the lake because there's no sun. :( I hope you had a fantastic time since you've got all the sun!

    Your face is looking soo thin! You're looking great!

  6. Thanks Ladies, the outdoor adventure really was fun! I am excited to do it again next month.

    My face has always been pretty slim, even at 330 pounds it wasn't huge. As I lose the weight, I am sure it will continue to get slimmer now if only my hips would follow suit. LOL!!!

    Julie, this is at Ft Worth Nature Center. Do you live in TX? Even better in the DFW area? If so, your more than welcome to join us next month. There will be probably be atleast 8-10 of us in July.

  7. Darn it!!! That's something I've always wanted to do!!!! Ha ha ha NOT! I guess they have to make it clear for some people!!! lol I love your pictures so keep snapping!!! And look at your face.....So thin!!!! Keep up the good work its definitly showing!!!

  8. Hi there,

    Congratulations. I found your blog through google while looking up the calorie count of my breakfast. You look great and well done. I had to lose a lot of weight too starting off at 258 and am now 170. Your pictures show what a great effort you are making and your face looks loads slimmer. Your dress was really pretty too and looked great on you.
    Carol .England.