Overcoming Obesity

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Why is it that we celebrate the Super Bowl with food & drinks galore? How did this become part of a tradition? Do other countries do this? I don't know, but it is an American Tradition. Something that will not go away.

This year, I went to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl and of course, there was lots and lots of food, great yummy food. Before arriving, all I could imagine was nachos, wings, cheese, crackers, chicken crisper's, bean dip, hot sauce, hot dogs, ribs, sodas, cookies, cakes and on and on. Oh boy, my mouth was watering. I decided my best defense would be prepared. I decided I would take a few things of my own that I knew I could eat. I also decided if I have a few bites of something, I would not beat myself up.

Sunday afternoon, I took a 2 mile walk and then came home and cooked some goodies. I made the Chicken Taquitos from last week (this time using extra thin tortillas reducing the calories) and baked veggies (zucchini and squash). I have never been a beer person but I picked up a six pack of Miller Chill (Light Beer with Lime) which was only 100 Calories.

At the party, they did have lots and lots of food. I wasn't actually that hungry, there was tons to eat but it didn't really do anything, I had no problem walking away from the kitchen without trying some of this, some of that, a little more of this and that... I was surprised, food was not the only thing on my mind.

Maybe it was the company, the game or a little of everything, but this year, the Superbowl didn't do me in and I am not ashamed of the plate of food I did eat.

For those interested, I drank 2 Miller Chills, not bad especially for a non-beer drinker. Okay... it was 1.5 beers, but that is a lot for me considering I have probably only drank 3 beers in my adult life... lol! Now, I did hear that Applebee's is serving a 100 calorie Margarita... sounds like Lady's Night will be coming soon!


  1. YAY!! Good job!! Everyone thought I was nuts - I had a list stuck to my fridge and every time I ate something, even a chip with dip, I wrote it down. At half time, I logged everything to see where I was at - to see if I could keep going or not. :)
    We made good choices, but still had fun! That's the key to all of it, I think! Be proud of yourself! You did awesome!

  2. Thanks Lindsey, you did too! Woo-Hoo to us and I can't wait to wear a cute little Jersey at next years SuperBowl!

  3. I was also terrified about the food that was going to be at my friends house for the party so I took with me: veggie tray, fruit tray, and 64 calorie Miller Genuine Draft. I did really well. I ate tons of veggies and fruit. I had ONE bite size cookie and a handful of baked chips and some dip.
    I really surprised myself!!!
    So woooohoooo to you! Great Job!
    We are really changing some old habits and that feels great!!!

  4. How was the 64 Calorie Miller? I couldn't find it at the store, I was also looking for Becks... it has a 64 calorie beer that is supposed to compare to Corona. I am proud of you! You did great at the party too!

  5. Lots of WooHoos coming from over here for you Steph and everyone else as well! We don't do the whole Super Bowl Sunday ordeal, but I had a slice of pizza and called it a night after getting our thermal curtains all hung up! LOL

  6. Celebrating with you Terrie, stopping at one, is a feat in itself! You go girl!

    Thermal Curtains? I can't imagine needing them, unless they keep the heat out in the summer time, hmmmmm?