Overcoming Obesity

Friday, February 5, 2010

HG Chili Cheese Burger - 297 Calories (56 Fat Cal, 6.17g Fat)

Guilt free Chili Cheese Burger, oh yea!

4 Franklin Farms Portabella Veggie Burgers
4 Sara Lee Healthy Heart Wheat Hamburger Buns
1/2 cup Hormel Vegetarian Chili with Beans 99% Fate Free
4 Lettuce Leafs
16 Dill Pickle Slices
4 Slices Purple Onion
4 Tomato Slices
4 Slices American Cheese 2% Milk (lower calories by choosing Fat Free Cheese)


1.Cook Veggie Burger as described on package (suggestion, spray pan non-stick spray, cook on stove top for 2-3 minutes each side) Melt cheese on top of patty. Meanwhile, heat Hormel Chili (vegetarian w/ Beans) 99% Fat Free as described on package (suggest microwave)

2.Open bun, toast if preferred. Add mustard to each side of bun. Layer lettuce, pickles, tomato, and onion on the bottom half of the bun. Place burger over the veggies on the bun's bottom half.

3.Top the burger with 2 tbls chili. Place bun top over the burger. ENJOY!

This was so quick and easy, and the kids enjoyed it a lot. I have never been big on chili cheese burgers or hotdogs, but this was a nice change of pace and an easy Friday night dinner. Dinner was on the table in less than 10 minutes (what a treat for me).


  1. Enjoying looking around your blog!! Looks like you are doing a great job and I can't wait to try some of these recipes!

  2. Thanks Red Writing! It honestly has been great. Don't get me wrong, I have my ups and downs, I've cheated, I've came close to binging but it is so different this time. First of all, the support from my Blog, wow, it goes a long way. I am learning so much about food and how to enjoy healthy alternatives that even the family enjoyes and I am beginning to enjoy workign out. Amazing! I hope you do like the recipes, keep in mind, I only publish the hits, all misses are left for the kitchen sink! Thanks for stopping by and your support!

  3. That looks DELISH!!! Wow! I've never seen the Franklin Farms burgers before, but I saw some Boca Veggie Burger Patties at our Sam's Club. I passed them up because I wasn't sure how they'd taste! I might get a box the next time we go back! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Franklin Farm was good, I found them in the tofu refridgerated section at Krogers. They came 4 to a pack and I bought them because they were on clearance (check your tofu section, stuff clearnances out quick) and winded up getting them for $1.00, normally $5.50. I had the veggie burger as a regular burger last night, there was one left over patty from Friday and the boys ate over at a friends house, it was very good. I felt like I was eating a burger! Yum Yum Good!

  5. I love the Morningstar Farms Spicy Blackbean and Tomato and Basil burgers and the Boca original or vegan...they're delish! Thanks for sharing this recipe. My kids are pretty good about eating the boca burgers without knowing it's any different than a real burger which is proof-positive that it is pretty good!

  6. Mizz Brizz, when I bought the Veggie Bugers my son was like, no way mom, your taking it to far now. I hate veggie burgers, they tried to give me a soy burger at school and it was grose. So of course, when we ate dinner and he inhaled his, I told him thank goodness for Veggie Burgers! Since he just rated dinner a 10 out of 10, he couldn't deny it was good. LOL!