Overcoming Obesity

Monday, March 26, 2012

My goals this week

From the words of a friend, pick a goal, even if it's a daily one and stick to it no matter what. (Thanks msrai!)

I spent a several hours catching up with a close friend of mine on Saturday who encouraged me to set goals, not only did she ask me to set them, she wanted me to report them to her on Sunday.

Yesterday evening, I received a text from her reminding me she hadn't received my goals (accountability, we all need that!) so naturally, I made the call and I had to say my goals out loud, which makes them all the more real for me.

So here you have it, nothing elaborate, just one step at a time, my goals:

1. Incorporate juicing (fruits and veggies) into my day everyday this week.
2. No fast food.
3. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner off of a salad plate.


  1. I so relate to your weight struggles. I have gained and lost several people over the past 50 years (I'm 63) and have been on diets all my life. I was a fat baby, a fat little girl, and a fat teenager. Lost enough weight to get a boyfriend, who became husband, then gained it all back plus!

    The hated job - I have that too - so I will be anxious to see how you do now that you have a new job that you love. Perhaps it will motivate me to quit and tell my boss exactly what I think of him!

    I know you can do this and know I will be watching and hopefully get the courage to quit and be happy!

    Hugs to you - I know you can do it!

  2. Do it, girl! Those are reasonable, attainable goals. I can't wait to read about how you were successful in reaching them.

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Week one was a success and I appreciate you being there wising me on!

    @ Anonymous - I hope you find something that makes you happy soon! I know the challenges of being unhappy at work and it just makes things that much harder. Let's do this together! Here's to making changes!

    @Lori - OMG, 7lbs week one. Can you believe it?!?!? I am so excited!

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