Overcoming Obesity

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 3 Going Strong

This is what I will drink throughout the day today! Yes, that is a LOT of vegetables and fruit! There is no way that I would be able to eat all of that in one day. Now, if it was a bag chips, oh they would be so gone! But that is what got me in the position I am today, so goodbye chips and hello fruits and veggies! The recipe you ask? Our daily tonic consists of a large handful of fresh spinach, 4 large turnip greens leaves (I was out of Dino kale), three zucchinis, 5 carrots, and 5 apples.

After putting it through the juicer, viola:

It is almost 2 Liters of juice! It taste better than it looks, honestly. The greens do make it a little grassy tasting. Not that I taste test grass often however they taste reminds me of the smell of fresh cut grass. I suggest using any type of kale and since I don't need another excuse in my life, I decided to just use the greens. The good news is, juicing allows me load up on micro nutrients. And to keep it very real, I am not running to the fridge to fill up on my next glass, I'd much rather be drinking a smoothie but I've taken shots of liquor worse than the juice. (Haven't we all?) And to answer your next question, I am NOT drinking it by the glass full. Instead I keep it in the fridge and drink it through out the day. Alright, let's be honest, I down (seriously DOWN) a small cup of it at a time, like shots! HA!

To be honest, it has been very helpful because as I feel like I want to snack or graze between meals, I drink juice and it satisfies my hunger and it helps to keep me full. Because I am so guilty of nigh snacking, I am keeping some juice for the evening to avoid binging or snacking. I finish the bath before going to bed and do it again the next day.

I have been cooking and eating healthier foods this week and I haven't eaten one salad yet! So many people get caught in the salad trap (I am also guilty of this). Last night we had Salmon in a sweet almond sauce, steamed green beans, and a baked yam. Dinner was delicious! My son wanted more which always puts a smile on my face. As a matter of fact, he asked me to cook it again tonight! That is a pretty good demand coming from a 15 year old. Here's a snapshot of our dinner last night.

Cheers to healthy cooking and juicing! What are you doing this week to be healthy?


  1. I would like to get into juicing. I just have to find a juicer that works well and I have to get over the fear of what it will all taste like!


  2. Until recently I haven't had a single salad in all the months I was losing weight. Theyre so dull but i will say having had them this week I forgot how good they CAN taste .. at least once in a while ;) lol

  3. I am So glad to see you back on your blog!! (Kymmc3 from spark) I too, gained back everything (ugh, WHY do we let this happen, I want to KICK myself!!) I haven't got back into a routine or anything yet though, I just kind of sit here... *sigh* Iam SO happy to see you here, going strong though, You will always have my continued support!!


  4. Sarah, I did a lot of reserch before I bought my juicer. I actually purchased the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro from Amazon for only $65. It was rated on a consumer website as the 2nd best juicer under the Bevelle Juicer that is seen on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The Brevell may cost anywhere from $350 to $700 depending on the exact model that you get. I use the juicer with no problem everday. It works like a champ. My compliants... are very minor. If I could design the next Hamilton Big Mouth pro, I would add two speeds (it only has one) and I would also make the spout at a different angle that makes it easier to move the cup that catches the juice. For $65, it works like a DREAM!

    My Mom, she has a Jack Lalanne which she also loves! She spent $100 on hers at Walmart.

    If you do start juicing, my biggest tip is to wash your machine immediatly after each use. It will make your experience a much more pleasant one!

  5. Kym, so glad to see you again! Thank you for your continued support and we will do it!

    I don't know the answer as to why we keep doing this to ourselves yet but together we can figure it out!!! First things first, no more kicking!!! It makes it worse!


  6. very informative & motivating :)