Overcoming Obesity

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 1 Results

Get ready to sit down and shut the front door, week 1 results are in and I have lost 7 pounds! And no, this is not an April's Fools joke! I checked the scale three times to make sure! I know juicing is a big part of my success this last week! I am compltely hyped and ready to take on this week!

My scale numbers are:
03/24 = 343 lbs
04/01 = 336 lbs (fabulous progress!)

My goals this week include:
1. Keep juicing everyday.
2. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
3. No fast food (day dreamed a lot about this last week).
4. Exercise 3 days this week.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy week!


  1. Good for you. I'm glad you got off to such a good start.

  2. Great week! I juiced this morning and realized how easy and yummy it is. Just got to keep in the habit.

  3. Brilliant! My last 15 months have been souping predominately and there is a lot written about juicing/souping being a successful way to go.
    7 pounds ...fantastic news, well done you.

  4. I am across your blog and I hear ya about ups and downs in weightloss. But keep on trying and don't give up there is always new ways to battle this "food addiction". How are you doing now I would like hear more!

  5. 7lb weight loss! I'm so glad I found this blog, Iam 5'3'', 330lbs and struggling with my weight, but I still believe there is hope.

  6. Hi there,

    I found your blog by sparkpeople and wanted to look in and see how you are doing. I lost 100 pounds last year from Jan 13th to June 1st 2011. Well it is now 2012 and I gained 105 pounds back! I started a blog because im looking to get to ONEderland. It is going to be about my adventure to get there. I am like you an emotional eater who knows its wrong but somehow cant seem to get over that. I hope one day we can be the "skinny" person who we really want to be. My blog is adventuretoONEderland.blogspot.com if you would like to check it out. WE CAN DO THIS! Never never give up! ONE LIFE ONE CHANCE. We can make it one step at a time! : )

  7. I came across this searching for help, I am just over 5'3" and 333 pounds. I've been over 300 pounds for about 14 years, but always been heavy. In 1993 I had gall stones and lost 70 pounds, started getting my old appetite back after surgery, within a few years I gained back those 70 pounds and gained an additional 70. Been off and on the diet roller coasters since, and a few years ago climbed up another 50 pounds. In 2010 at 350 lbs, I got sick and lost 25, then later that year I lost another 25 with exercise. I gained 33 back. I'm so tired of it all, I want to stop eating fast food that is my true culprit. It makes me sick and lazy and just so fat. I can relate to how you feel losing that weight and gaining it back, at some point there is a sense of hopelessness. Very happy to see you are working at it again and I wish you all the success in the world. It is a truly hard thing to do and the people who are healthy don't seem to understand why we do this to ourselves unless they've been there too at some time in thier life. I considered doing a blog too for accountibility, but at the same time everytime I tell my friends and family I'm going to get healthy, however supportive they are, they always kinda roll their eyes and say "sure you are" - I want to just do it without telling anyone. I'll keep watching your blog, good luck to you =)

  8. Dunno how I ended up here, but, maybe you'll find this guy's story encouraging http://www.344pounds.com/

    Best wishes!

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  11. Just found your blog, I read a few back posts and decided that I like your style and was going to put you in my favorites, then I realized you haven't blogged in years - how did I miss that? So, I'm just going to ask you - will you return? Is the time right for you? I'm sure you stopped because you fell off the wagon (isn't that why we all disappear?) I loved your pictures, it looked like you had a real zest for life. I too, have lost a significant amount of weight and then put most of it back on. I'm teetering now on the edge, will I kick it into gear or will I throw my hands up and eat my way back to where I was? Not sure at this point, which is why I've been surfing wl blogs, looking for inspiration, for people like me... and I found you! I'll put you in my favorites anyway for a while until you decide.

  12. I hope everything is going well. Give us an update!