Overcoming Obesity

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Choked Up

In so many ways! The first one is a little off subject but I want to share. Have you ever seen anything so gross, you just have to ask someone else to look at it? You know, when you smell something spoiled and your compelled to ask someone else to come and smell it, knowing it almost made you pass out? Okay... well this is just like that, so those weak stomachs... STOP NOW! For those of you who against your better judgement, smell it or take a look... keep reading!

Okay, I've been having this issue: my shower does not drain. I had my house built 3 years ago, and well, it never seemed to drain very well. Over the last few years, it has gotten worse and I have tried it all... plunging and plunging like a mad woman! I even bought this special plunger that was just for tubs but to no avail, nothing, it didn't work. I have to admit, after plunging for an hour here and there, it would drain a little better but before you know it, 45 minutes for the tub to drain. I have tried time after time to take the drain cover off but I couldn't. Who ever heard of a drain cover that doesn't come off? So, when the water chokes up, I grab for the special plunger. The other day, it was even worse. It took 4 hours, yes... you read that right, 4 freaking hours for my tub drain! Enough is enough. I decided, something had to be done. I was dead set on getting that drain cover off, after several straining hours (slight exaggeration) I finally saw it, underneath the drain cover there was a screw! OMG, that is it? Countless hours spent testing the lefty losey righty tighty technique and all I needed was a phillips head screw driver? Off to the tool box I go; and before you know it... it's off, 3 years of fighting with this and all I needed was a screw driver?!?!? All you can do is laugh. So, the drain cover is off and OH MY GOSH! What I see, is unbelievable, I don't see anything but hairball, is that from my head? The builders must have showered in tub before I moved in and I must say, they must have been some hairy people, there is no way that all came from my head. I tried to pull the hairball out but oh no, it was not moving... back to the tools and after about 25 minutes, it was out... oh yea... here it is

You know, we always take a second look... so here it is! Yes, those were the tools I used, hey, woman are creative, whatever it takes to get the job done!

Well, the drain works better than ever! Its like a dream, it almost sounds like there is a person in my pipes with a water vac, sucking the water down the drain. I took a nice bubble bath afterwords and my water was literally drained completely by the time I stepped out, threw on my robe and opened the bathroom door... unbelievable!

All right, enough of that. Now down to business... no stomach advisories here! As many of you know, I wasn't able to work out because of medical issues, I have been eating healthy but I haven't been tracking what I was eating. I was so worried. This morning, I went to the gym and oh my gosh, I have lost 3 pounds! Yes, 3 whole pounds. Obviously, working out takes it to the next level but the fact I didn't gain and I actually lost. I must admit, I was so worried that I had gained and I didn't, WOO-HOO! So... with the 3 pounds that takes me to a loss of 48 pounds!!! Yes 48 LBS, I can't believe I am only 2 pounds away from losing 50 pounds! I nearly cried, thus, I was all choked up! I am just so excited and pleased with myself. I feel so proud. This of course, helped kick that strange wacky feeling out the window (I have been feeling out of whack because of not exercising and tracking). After I came home from the gym, I rode my bike for 2.5 miles and when my son came home from school, we took the dogs to the park and walked 2 miles. I just felt on top of the world. Now, I have to admit, I was really sore tonight, I am pretty sure it was from the gardening I did yesterday (two hours with about 45 minutes of hard core shoveling) or the 8 mile hike on Sunday. I am pretty sure it was the shoveling, my shoulders, back and abs are killing me! Gardening is no joke! I wish I had a green thumb, I'd like to plant a garden but first I must tackle the stickers in my yard, UGH! Just thinking of it, what a head ache!

Anyhow... here are a few pics from our hike on Sunday:

Not to be redundant, but did I mention that I am only TWO itty bitty pounds away from losing 50 Pounds? Oh, I think I did! And if your wondering, YES, I am still All Choked Up, I am almost 50 pounds lighter!!!! YIPPEE!


  1. Congratulations! You look great!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! keep it up!
    my blog: www.it-is-time.com

  3. 2 more pounds!!!! Wow that is so amazing! I am 3 pounds away from my first 30 and your so inspiring!! I started a few days after you, and not getting as great results as you are but I am happy where I am at. I can't wait to get close to that 50 so I can only imagine how you are feeling right now!

    Can't wait to read your blog when you drop those last 2 and hit that amazing 50 pound goal!

  4. So gross!! LOL. But I have pulled worse out of my drain before! Great job on the 2 pounds!

  5. Congrats on being so close to 50 lbs. lost. You look great in the hiking pictures.

  6. Congrats on your loss! Keep it up!! Your looking great!

  7. I too have had a hair bunny in my drain.. It was my hair im sure. I have long hair and its rather wavy. Since having my wee one my hair was falling out in chunks. Its finally growing back now. Your hiking picks look fantastic.. :)

  8. Great job clearing out the drain!!! We ended up getting a drain cover thing to catch it all, but when the roommie forgets, I have to pull out huge globs of it. Yuck!

    Fantastic job on your weight loss!!! Only 2 pounds to go!!! I'm at the same place; only 2 pounds til my 5% (since starting weight watchers) and 10% (since I originally started losing weight) goals reached!

  9. LOL it does NOT take very long for hair to build up like that, especially if you don't have a drain catcher. I pull similar amounts out of my drain at least 2-3x a year!
    Congrats on the weight loss -- you are doing awesome!

  10. Way to go!! Girl you rock! Congrats on those 3 lbs gone ! ECK on the tub crud, but glad it's working better now, nothing is more aggravating than a slow drain!!!
    Great pics from the hike too!

  11. 50 POUNDS!!!!!

    Oh that must feel fantastic!

    Go Go Go!

  12. Congrats (on cleaning the drain and the weigjt loss)! you are amazing and you can reach your goal!

  13. Congrats! on cleaning the drain and the weight loss lol! I completely understand about cleaning a drain.