Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today, I spent time reflecting on the things that I am most thankful for. Many times in life, people tend to gravitate towards negativity or the impossible. What I have learned most during my journey is that NOTHING is impossible and focusing on negativity only holds you behind.

I challenge everyone to release any negativity they might be holding on to, forgive those who have hurt you and most of all, appreciate those that do for you. The ones that encourage you, motivate you to do more, the ones who believe in you and do all the little things that keep you going.

I want to thank all of my blog followers, my spark friends and family that encourage me everyday to keep going. My journey began just 68 days ago and I have accomplished so much, none of which, I could do with out the support of you guys. Thanks again for being there for me and cheering me on.

I hope that I can pass on encouragement and random acts of kindness that might affect someone in a way that I might not understand but to that person, it will mean something.

Positivity breads positivity, feel your life with joy and share that with others. I know the world can be a hard and cruel place at times, there are those days that we feel like someone has played a terrible joke on us or we keep waiting for someone to jump out and holler "Your on Candid Camera." So let's stop, smell the roses and remember, we can all use a little more kindness in this world.

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