Overcoming Obesity

Monday, March 8, 2010

Journey of Transformation

Tonight, I was invited to a my very first Yoga class (thank you Anume2010). I was "Gung ho and ready to go!" Absolutely hyped about my first class. There were actually a few things that excited me...

First: I was meeting my first SPARK Buddy in person (Anume2010) I have to admit, we stumbled across each others pages, I wrote about her in my Something to Ponder Blog on Friday, and three days later, I am going to a Yoga class with her. Anume, thank you for inviting me, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Second: I have fantasized about learning Tai-Chi for some time. I thought, yoga could do for now.

Third: I was going to attend a Yoga class, WOW!

So I arrive, just as excited as ever and ready to participate. I walk in, there are instructors at the door greeting me with a smile, very good sign :) The instructor teaching class introduces himself and guides me down the hall... giving me all the details, women dressing room on the right, leave all personal items in locker room, use the bathroom, take water in class, here's a towel for your matt, grab a matt in the back of class and find a place to set up and I will be in in a few minutes, just relax until I arrive.

I walk into a dark room, where is the back of class, there are people everywhere, oh man, its Hot in here... is that humidity? Okay, just be quite, be careful and please, whatever you do Steph... don't step on anyone. I find the mat and walk around aimlessly looking for a place to settle down, but where. I begin to take a seat an the instructor enters. He introduces himself and has us move around from people we know, this is a journey for yourself... wow, this sounds good. This isn't a place to compete with others, it is about becoming a better you, strengthening yourself and focusing on you. I am loving the sound of this class.

We spent a bit of time listening to our instructor, he told us of his journey, he himself was over 400 pounds when he began Yoga and has lost over 130 pounds in the last year by performing Yoga only... oh my, this can happen for me to. I am still excited, I felt strong and proud to be there, it was warm but it was very comfortable.

After we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves, we begin, YOGA is NO JOKE! YOGA is very strenuous, our instructor gently encouraged us and helped us with modifications, oh yes! I needed several modifications. Every once and a while, Anume2010 and I smiled at one another in the mirror. There were a few times, I actually felt dizzy and thought I could faint, I sat down as the instructor told us previously.

We practiced for about 45 minutes, before it was said and done, oh my goodness, I was drenched in sweat, I was beat and so ready to just get out of the hot room. Before our instructor released us, he asked if we would return. I had to seriously consider this, part of me wanted to say no, this isn't for me but I know that I can find so much strength if I continue this.... oh geez, everyone is class is saying they will return... I agree that I will as well. After class, our instructor gave us Electrolytes to help restore some of our energy, minerals and vitamins lost during our workout.

I have to admit, the only thing I was excited about after class was that class was over, I was worn out. It wasn't' like Cardio Dance or Zumba where I feel in LOVE with the first session and couldn't wait to go back, this was very hard grueling work.

Anume and I are going back for part two, this will be a complete 90 minute session, the instructor encouraged us to return and reminded us to rest when we needed it. He stayed behind and answered several of our questions. Which, I appreciated.

On my drive home, I could feel my muscles, there was actual soreness from several of the poses we held during our class, I could feel my thighs, glutes, back and stomach... more so my obliques. They are sore, oh, I do hope I can move tomorrow.

I honestly, could not lose a wink of sleep if I never went back, but I know where I am right now, I must go back. I am on a journey, I want to be healthier mentally and physically, Yoga promises to do both.

When I got home, I began to do a little research and the first thing I read is something from a woman who admits she is overweight and is interested in trying Yoga, the woman's friends say she should wait until she loses weight before trying however a Yoga instructor encouraged her to begin now, let me share what hit me most:

"The point is that yoga helps us find balance in all areas of our lives; we're not supposed to arrive in yoga class as a fait accompli. We're supposed to show up ready to take a journey of transformation, whatever that may be. Everyone comes to the mat with a different imbalance, but everyone is working on something, and it is the act of getting on the mat that points us in the right direction. "

So, I began a journey on 01-01-10 which I called my journey to overcoming obesity and my addiction to food. I am on a journey of transformation... all though Yoga does not have me doing back flips, I think I should give it a real try, keep going and see how truly I can transform.


  1. You'll do great! Have fun with yoga :)

  2. I've always wanted to try it, but figured I need to lose this big ol' belly before I could. I can't even sit in the floor indian-style without rolling backwards because it just gets in the way. I'm glad you're trying it though...that's awesome! :)

  3. It is wonderful that you are trying new things. I have always wanted to try yoga, I have heard great things about it, but I always thought it was for skinny people. My local library is starting classes tomorrow I think. I would love to do it but don't want to go alone. It is GREAT that you have friends to support you and are making new friends in the process. Support from those around you will make the process a tad bit easier. (Did I say easy? LOL)

  4. Props to you! Yoga is still that one thing I haven't made myself venture out of the ol' comfort zone to try. Silly? Yes. I mean I'm running a 10K this weekend for crying out loud, but I won't go to yoga. Oye! One of these days... You encourage me! =)

  5. CJ - Day two of yoga was not as grueling :) I arrived about 15 minutes early, went in the room, laid down and relaxed until class began. It really helped me adjust to the heat. I was able to complete the entire 90 minutes, without stopping, I am sore today but I did all 34 poses, well, there was 1 I could not do, my instructor showed me a modification after class.

    Tammy - you can do it! The instructor can show you modification until you have the strength to perform each position correctly. I'm telling you, my instructor was over 400 pounds, now in the 300's and his form is awsome, it wasnt in the beginning but he is so strong now. Our bodies can do great things!

    Julie - I think you should check out the class at the library. If you went with a friend, they would just seperate you because this is a journey about you, they don't want you to feel competitve (even if we like to admit it or not, we like to do better than our friends when sports are involved, were kinda trained that way, be number 1) so they ask that you set up in a different location each class and never next to a friend, this allows you to focus only on you.

    Kimpossible - Girlfriend, you can do YOGA, your body is strong!!! Yoga would probably help you improve your running skills, YOGA is incredible for strength and balance, I bet your speed would improve. So check it out!