Overcoming Obesity

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now entering TWOVILLE

Yesterday afternoon, I hit the gym, I was kinda dragging, not really wanting to be there but showing up is 90% of it, right? Against all judgement (I'm trying to keep this down to a weekly event) I decided to weigh myself. I Move the weight to 300, and and the other weight to 302.... TOO HEAVY! Hmmm, I move it to 301, TOO HEAVY... I move the small weight and 300 is STILL TOO HEAVY! Tears well in my eyes, am I seeing this correctly. I move the big weight to 280 and then take the little weight and move it over, 300 is still TOO HEAVY. I move that little number to 19 and viola.... I am 299 pounds. I have officially entered TWOVILLE! I cried, I clapped and cried a little more.

I have not been under three hundred pounds in over two years. I was amazed that I have finally committed to my health, I realized, I am doing this. I am getting healthier everyday.

I wanted to scream it out on roof tops, "I have entered TWOVILLE!" I wanted to do a back flip or a cart wheel, I was just so happy! At this point, I am unable to do a cartwheel so I decided to put all that energy in my workout. After my workout, I went to the park and walked a mile and half.

As I was walking, I realized that I have actually lost 31 pounds, that is almost 10% of my starting weight of 330 pounds. When I began this journey, I made the decision that I would update my picture when I lost 50 pounds. I am more than half way there, I am merely 19 pounds away from taking an updated pic.

I would have never imagined entering into twoville so quickly, but I realize, that the changes in my lifestyle make it possible. I am literally getting healthier every single day.

I appreciate SPARK more than I can express. Everyday I am motivated to give it my best and push myself to do more. Everyday I meet new people who have accomplished so many things and share their stories. These stories encourage us to keep going.

I've been told that I motivate people, this still amazes me. This makes me work harder, being the person who doesn't want to disappoint anyone, I don't want to disappoint any of you. Although this journey is still for me and my health, I push myself harder when I don't want to do something because of the support and encouragement I have found in my new SPARK family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Bye Bye Three Hundred, I have been with you for so long but I have to admit, I will never return. I can no longer blame you for being unhappy or uncomfortable. It is my choice to change, to be healthier and now that I have left, I can honestly say, I am not coming back,

HELLO TWOVILLE! I will be here for a while but I am just passing through!


  1. I am SO SO happy for you!! What a great accomplishment. YAY!!!!! High five, sister. You're really doing great. Your success will inspire others out there who feel hopeless. You never know whose life you will change. Keep up the great work. :)

  2. YEAH!!! Congrats on your entering twoville!!!! Reading your post made me tear up a little bit!!! You are such an amazing person. I can feel your energy and enthusiasm coming through the page and that spurs me on! Great job!
    You for sure are a motivator!

  3. Hey there just found your blog through
    Happy Texan.. Yah Hoo... Looking forward to reading your blog...

  4. GOOD GIRL!!! Those moments are fantastic! Enjoy your accomplishment, you deserve it. There's only more to come!


  5. I am so proud of you!!! Way to go!! And you are such an inspiration to me!
    Keep it up!


  6. Ladies, thank you for celebrating with me and cheering me on! I couldn't do this without each of you! HUGS!

  7. That is fantastic news! Congratulations to you!!!!