Overcoming Obesity

Friday, January 15, 2010


Woke up with a terrible headache, probably because I didn't get up and devour the bag of chips in the Kitchen that howled my name all night! Why do I still have chips in the house, you ask? Great question... the kids usually eat lunch at school however they had early dismissal a few days this week and I bought the chips for them. Thankfully, I haven't ate one, but I have thought about them on several occasions.

I weighed this morning and went from 322 to 324 :( I am sure this is because we fluctuate a few pounds and the fact that my monthly friend decided to show up unannounced on Wednesday evening! Uggghhh, bloated and uncomfortable. The good news, that feeling has nothing to do with a binge (doing the happy dance) but it's that unstopable time of the month. I did notice that I ate a little more yesterday, I took in 1,620 calories (which is still pretty dang good in my eyes). I'm wondering, should I increase my caloric intake while I am on my cycle? Hmmmmmmm, I think it is time to do a little research! Stay tuned for the results...

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  1. oh ugh, I hear you TOM is a pain!! One day I felt like I was starving....today I had a headache all day....yuck! Good job avoiding those chips....we can do this even when that ole' scale kicks our tail!!