Overcoming Obesity

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When are you ready???

It's a question anyone that has ever struggled or tried more than once to lose weight has asked themselves, when will I be ready to finally make a change? What is enough? What is my breaking point? I must admit I have asked myself these exact questions a bazillion times. Longing and fantasizing to to FINALLY lose weight. We all have different reasons, some reasons more vein than others. Some of us have health scares, others finally see themselves in the mirror or in a photo, cloths don't fit, can't find anything to wear, uncomfortable sitting in a lawn chair, unable to ride a roller coaster anymore, painful shoes, unable to climb a flight of stairs, out of breath, back pain, unhappy, isolated, angry, unattractive, the little black dress, a pair of high heels, going to a high school reunion, looking for a new job, taking a trip... the list goes on and on.

There are many reasons to want to lose weight. So how do you take that want, that desire and turn it into something tangible? Most of us could honestly say, we have "wondered" what "they" did when they lost weight. What was that light bulb moment, when did it register and you finally take the plunge and do it? Why was it different this time?

I've asked myself those questions many times, I would buy every weight loss magazine and read books looking for the answer. I never got it. Sure, I found a little motivation that might last me a week or a few days if I were lucky. Nothing ever just jumped off the page and made me say, today is the day, I am changing my life. Okay, okay, being honest here, sure there were days I said that and you know what, later that day or maybe a few days later, there I was in the McDonalds fast food line which usually lead to going to Taco Bell and maybe even Wendy's. Before you knew it, I was on a downward spiral and going to bed eating a bag (yes, not a bar) of chocolate. I'd wake up bloated and miserable and the cycle would start again. I punished myself with food all of the time. I was utterly hopeless. It came to the point that I wouldn't even admit I was trying to lose weight because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would fail.

I began this journey on January 1, 2010. I didn't have a plan other than blogging. Today is June 27, 2010 (178 days later) and I am 60 pounds lighter. Not only am I 60 pounds lighter but I am active. I love the great outdoors: biking, hiking, swimming, and walking. I even enjoy the gym. I can not believe it.

178 days ago, I was miserable and did not have any faith in myself when it came to making a change. So how did the light bulb finally go off? What finally happened to make myself change, how did I become accountable for my actions?

I must admit, the blog helps with my accountability but what finally happened, is that I learned to forgive myself. I realized I was worth the effort and that one mistake that might lead to a week of bad decisions is not worth throwing in the towel. SPARK has truly helped to keep me inspired and of course, all of my blog readers. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

For anyone out there wanting to lose weight and does not know where to start, start small. 10 minutes of exercise, cut back on the Ranch, eat whole wheat bread instead of white, it is lots of little baby steps that add up to something huge.

I am no where near over but the real difference now is that I WILL NOT GIVE UP. Yesterday I spent the day at the water park. I meet some great people, we talked about weight loss, everyone has there own plan and what works for them so do what works best for you. When you fall down, which you will, we all do, just pick yourself up and dust yourself off, it is not over, you must see the big goal no matter how far that goal is, little steps will get you there.

No one can change over night, love yourself, forgive yourself and make yourself a priority everyday, you deserve to be healthy physically and mentally. One meal at a time, one day at a time...You are ready!!!


  1. Great post! You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  2. On March 21, 2009, my maid-of-honor dress split open at the reception of my sister's wedding. It was humiliating to say the least. It still took me until July 7th to start my journey, but then there was no looking back. It's been almost a year and 106 lbs later. It just goes to show how sticking with a program and fighting through old habits pays off. You are doing an amazing job!!!

  3. Supermommy - thank you very much, your support means the world to me!

    Kimpossible, thank you for sharing your story and well and congratulations on all of your success. Amazing tranformation and I am so proud of you. I dreamed of doing it for so long and now I know I will also stand with you one day and be able to say that I lost over 100 pounds. Thanks for all of your support!