Overcoming Obesity

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Constant Battle

Last week I accomplished several HUGE goals:

31 Pounds Lost
No Smoking in 6 weeks
Consistently cooking and eating healthy
No Fast Food in over 6 weeks
No Candy Bar in over 6 weeks

I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere in the excitement of getting under 300 pounds, it seems like I have lost my stamina and my focus. I have to admit, I feel like I am living in the Night Before Christmas except instead of visions of Sugar-Plums dancing in my head, I have been seeing:


Oh my, I just want something fried, I don't care what it is, anything fried is good. For crying out loud, at the State Fair they had Fried Butter. Anyhow, I haven't caved but I feel so close. My workouts have been so drab, I haven't put a lot of energy into them.

Monday rolls around and its time for a workout, I went, I didn't want to go but I put my girl pants on and headed to the gym. Naturally, I felt so much better after working out and I can proudly say that I worked out harder today than I have in the last 3 days.

I know I will make it past this, I am completely focused on becoming a healthier person this year. Even becoming a healthier person, it doesn't change that I want foods that are not so healthy. Yesterday, I made a homemade pizza, which was 99 calories a slice, it wasn't my favorite, of course, it didn't compare to Pan Crust Pepperoni, Bacon and Jalapeno Pizza I was craving. I am going to work on it again, when I find a hit, I will post a recipe until then... I will keep trying.

I've decided to sit down and refocus. I am here today because I have one to many times in my life given into that Burger, Pizza, Fries, Cheese Sticks, etc. These foods will never ever go away however, I will in my journey find the balance. I will understand moderation and recognize what my body is truly hungry for.

For the time being, I must continue to do my best to eat healthy and stay away from foods that are not healthy for my inner athlete.

I am here to change my life and giving in right now would be to similar to going back and giving up.

I am not gonna be the one on the floor, food will not conquer me another day of my life. To continuing on my journey and working towards my health


  1. Hi there - I just recently happened across your blog! I don't even know you and yet I'm so proud of what you have accomplished in 6 weeks! You are doing something amazing here and you need to know that! This is a marathon, not a sprint (I know, trust me). There are bumps in the road, temptations around every turn, uphill battles, and downhill thrills...through all of it, there is one constant...you! You can do this and you will do this. Stay strong and stay focused and know that there are many people cheering you on (even if they don't know you in person)! =)

  2. First of all, you're AMAZING. Second, I am so inspired by you! Congrats on losing 31 pounds! I recently came across your blog thourgh Spark People. I will continue to follow you on your weight loss journey as I embark on a weight loss journey of my own!

  3. You hang in there girl...you'll power through this, just keep your blinders on and your eyes on what you want MOST. When I want something fried, I make something sort of like your hot wings that you posted. Use some chicken or pork chops and coat them in the Panko bread crumbs...they stay crispier than regular bread crumbs. And then bake them in the oven. Sometimes that crispy, crunchy coating will satisfy the craving. Give it a shot. You've already done amazing things in just 6 weeks. I'm so impressed with you and so glad I found your blog. You rock. :)

  4. Have you tried Morning Stars Chik'n Nuggets.. ok they aren't truly fried or real chicken they are vegetarian but they taste pretty good and get you through the rut and are low on calories, fill you up and have no oil, high protein. They also have hot wings that are vegetarian and bbq'd fake pork all of which are lower in calories than the real meat. And it tastes pretty good from my opinion and I like my meat.

  5. Hey girl! Ok, first of all, you are doing a FANTASTIC job. Second - this is a life change for you, not a DIET. Because of that reasoning, I say when you crave something - eat it. You will not go your entire life not eating pizza, burgers or fries. The point is to not eat them all day every day. Want pizza? Great - get online and research which one place has better numbers - Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's etc. Then which pizza has better numbers - veggie, only cheese, - whatever. Order the smallest possible size, get the number of slices for yourself - then throw the rest away or put it down the disposal. That way your not tempted to eat the rest of it. It may be a waste of money but how much is it worth it too you?
    Last night we went to Chili's. I wanted honey chipotle crispers and fries SO bad. I got the salmon and double veggies. But, I got a side of honey chipotle sauce and drizzled about a tablespoon onto my fish. And I ate a few of a friends fries. So, I got the flavors and textures I wanted with out blowing the whole meal. I came out less than 500 calories for the meal instead of 1800+ the Crispers plate has.
    Its all about moderation.

    YOU GOT THIS!!! :)

  6. Ladies, yall are amazing! Thanks for the support and cheering me on. I love to hear everyones perspectives and it helps me keep things balanced. I realize, okay, I am not going out of my mind. I think I was in this downward spiral of self sabotage, I am glad my head is clear and I have recentered my focus. The desire has weakened but I know its in there hiding somewhere. I need to educate myself more on calories in vs. calories out. I find that I am getting hungrier and hungrier, 1200-1500 calories don't seem to do it for me. I have significantly increased my workouts, I am working out at Curves 4-5 Days a week (45 minute circuit training), walking about 10 miles a week and I am doing Hip Hop Abs three days a week. Possibly my metabolism is up and I need more cals? I dunno, research... here I come!

    Thanks again Ladies, Hugs!

  7. Working out that much, you may very well need more calories. Have you tried putting it into the SparkPeople fitness tracker to see if it changes your calories? Kind of hard to do if you're unsure of your calorie burn, I know! Maybe incorporate a few healthy 100-150 calorie snacks and see if that helps?

    I agree with the fake out crispy baked chicken! You could probably make yourself a nice open faced burger(or bun and all, whatever as long as you figure it up and leave room in your daily calories) and some sweet potato fries! Or you could slice up a few red potatoes and bake them with a drizzle of EVOO and herbs. I'm not a kitchen pro, so I don't know what herbs would work for oven baked potato fries lol. Hope I've helped in some way with my rambling! I just don't want you to feel deprived. Anything in moderation. Sometimes we just have to do a little research to find our best options out there! You can do it! :)

  8. This website: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/exercise/lookup can be a nice guide in providing you with an idea of how many calories you are burning if you don't have a Body Bugg or a Polar watch with heart rate monitor to help you.

    Oh and for the pizza thing...I use a low carb / high fiber fajita size tortilla (80 cals), throw on some fire roasted diced tomatoes (15 cals), 17 slices turkey pepperoni (70 cals), and 2% Italian cheese mix (70 cals) and add italian seasoning and bake it until it's crispy. It's 235 total and very satisfying.

  9. You are not alone.
    I'm always here for support!!!! We can do this girl! Good job on not caving into the food. You've refocused and I know you can do this. You got this!

    Hugs, Kelly

  10. The Morning star nuggets are 190 cals for 4, I dont know if I could just eat 4, at 47.5 calories each.
    Im with you when I got half way on my weightloss 318, it was such a high goal when I got there I relaxed and stayed there in that area for about a month. Now I'm finally back on track.
    I'm giving you a "new" goal 275, and you have to get there before me (ya that was me throwing down the challenge, LOL).
    You have the added pressure because you have put everything in this blog for all to see, AND WE ARE CHECKING ON YOU EVERYDAY :)

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
    One of my volleyball players (a freshman girl who hadnt seen me in about 2 1/2 months) walk by about 35 minutes ago and was shocked. She said outloud repeatedly "OH MY GOSH, Coach is so skinny", now I weigh 306.5 lbs I really dont "feel" skinny, but coming from 436.5 and having her genuinely "shocked" was probably the coolest thing that has happened in a long time.
    You are doing a great job, dont let a "craving" derail the progress you are making, you will be allowed fried, greasy, yummy foods when you get to 10 lbs BELOW your goal weight so you can all the junk food you want (just know it will probably make you sick, HAHA).


  11. Steph,

    You are doing so awesome girl! I just love reading your blogs. I can hear your sincerity and authentic self shine through them.

    I'm really proud of you for putting your feelings out there and acknowledging the struggles. You will get through it. Keep your focus, your drive and dedication. There is nothing you can't do.


  12. Terrie - thats a good idea, I will add a few snacks to my day.

    Kim - I can't wait to try your pizza :)

    Kelly - ((HUGS)) your a rock to me!

    Coach - 275, huh? Your on, I love a little healthy competition, get those running shoes on cause I am headed that direction right now! LOL!

    Denise - Thank you for believing in me ((Hugs))

  13. Even with a 209 lbs loss I still get the same way you are feeling... It's a burn out feeling... But this is were my quote comes in...

    You don't need motivation nor inspiration... You just need to do it!!!

    http://www.afitpot.com is my journey.

  14. http://fightthefatfoodie.blogspot.com/2010/01/pizza-3-ways-part-2-roasted-garlic.html

    This pizza is amazing!

  15. The pizza looks so incredible! Does the caloric intake include the crust? It almost seems to good to be true, I am going to try all three :) Loved your blog by the way!

  16. A fit pot, I couldn't access your blog... can you post your link again. Thanks!