Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not feeling well

Ugh, just feeling terrible as the day goes on. I have been working on a presentation, literally, all day. I did manage to stop and make lunch and dinner for the kids but that is about it. No morning workout, no evening workout. Tomorrow is another day though.

I just took a packet of Nighttime Thera-Flu, I am hoping to sleep like a baby tomorrow and wake up feeling like a champ, no not chump.... Champ! You know, like a million bucks! I have made a lot of progress on my presentation and am excited to finish it tomorrow so I can start practicing.

Of course, this is one of the things that worry me... when I do return to work and things are crazy and hectic, am I going to make time for me? Or will I fall back into old patterns and put myself on the back burner? I can't do that, it just is not an option any more. I must always put myself first, my health and well-being is needed to take care of all of my other responsibilities.

To me and feeling better in the morning!


  1. sorry you're not feeling well....it's harder to stay strong when you're not feeling strong....but you can do it! Take care of YOU!

  2. Michelle, thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling better but not at 100% yet. I am staying warm and getting plenty of rest. I am glad to be up and moving around today.